Ernest Shackleton profile

Ernest Shackleton was a famous Anglo-Irish explorer.

He mostly explored the Antarctic Continent. He made three expeditions to that continent. One of his most popular expeditions was in 1914 which was done on the ‘Endurance’ Ship.

He was born on 15th February 1874 and died at the age of 47 years.

What caused Ernest Shackleton Death?

Unfortunately, Ernest Shackleton died of a heart attack during his journey to the Antarctic again. This happened on 5 January 1922 onboard the ‘Quest’ ship.

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Ernest children

Ernest had three children namely Edward,Cecily and Raymond Shackleton.

Ernest Early life

At the young age of 16 years, Earnest joined the merchant navy and performed different roles on various ships. He was known to have passion for exploration.

While at sea, he joined the Royal Geographical Society and this gingered him to go deeper into exploring the Antartica.

He led his first expedition to the Antarctica in 1907 on the Nimrod expedition also known as the the British Antartic Expedition. The aim was to go to the South Pole.

He and his members made to 97 miles short the South Pole.Upon completing the expedition, he was welcomed back to England with a warm welcome and he was knighted.He later had another expedition in 1914.

Ernest Shackleton death.

As mentioned earlier, Shackleton died of a heart attack when he attempted to return to Antarctica.

Ernest ship and family

In the 1914 expedition, Earnest and his crew went onboard the ‘Endurance’ ship. This Ship was a three-masted barquentine.

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The ship was launched in Sandjeford,Norway in 1912. It has been missing since 1915 and has recently been found off Antartica precisely underwater in the Weddell Sea. According to the finders, the ship is a milestone in polar history.

In relation to his family, Ernest had a sister called Kathleen Shackleton. Moreover, his wife was Emily Dorman and together they had three children.

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