Zakir Naik, the founder, and president of the Islamic Research Foundation, is rumored to be arrested in Malaysia. Is one of the most wanted criminals deported back to India? Let’s find out.

Zakir Naik is an Indian Islamic preacher who has been working in the IRF. Apart from that, he has a Peace TV channel through which he reaches a reported 100 million viewers.

He is considered the proponent of modern Islam with his most influential ideology. However, many people criticize his action on social media, justifying him as an “anti-nationalist.”

Is Zakir Naik Arrested In Malaysia And Deported? Latest News 2022 Explored

Zakir Naik arrest news in Malaysia has been one of the trending news on social media. The video clips which are part of ABP News Broadcast have been viral on the internet.

He was arrested by the Malaysian crime department and was likely to be deported back to India. Many Twitter users claimed that Zakir would land in Mumbai after the initial arrest.

Although, the Malaysian government has been clear that Zakir Naik would not be deported back to India. Many people back home in India were criticizing mainstream news channels for spreading rumors.

However, this news goes way back in 2018 but has been revived on the internet. Presently, there is no detailed information about Zakir’s residency.

Read Zakir Naik Wikipedia: A Look At His Biography And Career

Presently, Zakir’s name is not listed on the official page of Wikipedia.

He is a professional physician and doctor by profession. However, he later turned into a public speaker and joined his hands-on politics.