Fubon Guardians  are coming to take off against the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions for the following match of the Chinese Professional Baseball League 2020. Both the groups are as of now in the base portion of the competition. There are a sum of 4 groups in the competition and 2 of them are in the top half while these two rivals are in the base portion of the Chinese Professional Baseball League standings.

As of now, Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions are falling off with the losing dash of 2 against China trust Brothers by 9-19 and 2-9. Preceding this losing dash of 2, the group has the series of wins of 2 over China Trust Brothers and Rakuten Monkeys. Against China Trust Brothers, the group has dominated the game by 2-1 and against Rakuten Monkeys, it was by 15-11.

Fubon Guardians Team Squad: Yu Sen-Hsu, Chen Kai-Lun, Fan Kuo-Chen, Lee Tsung-Hsien, Wang Cheng-Tang, Chiang Chih-Hsien, Lin Yi-Chuan, Lo Kuo-Hua, Lin Chen-Hua, Lin Yi-Hao, Fan Yu-Yu, Tsai Ming-Jin, Wang Wei-Yung, Chiang Kuo-Hao, Bryan Woodall, Henry Sosa, Chen Shih-Peng, Fang Ke-Wei, Lin Yu-Ying, Dai Pei-Feng

Uni-President 7-Eleven Team Squad: Chen Chieh-Hsien, Lin Ching-Kai, Chen Yung-Chi, Kuo Fu-Lin, Yang Chia-Wei, Pan Chieh-Kai, Teng Chih-Wei, Chiang Chen-Yen, Pan Wei-Lun, Lin Chi-Wei, Chen Yun-Wen, Wang Yu-Pu, Liu Hsuan-Ta, Huang Chun-Yen, Chiu Hao-Chun, Cheng Chun-Jen, Lin Hang, Chen Chung-Yu, Lin Yu-Le

Fubon Guardians in their last played match vanquished the table-clinchers of the competition, Rakuten Monkeys scoring 9 objectives while the rulers just scored just 7 and lost the match. Before this destruction, the group had the losing dash of 2 against Rakuten Monkeys and China Trust Brothers by 6-7 and 5-11 separately. We should see will the group have the option to keep up their series of wins of 1 or now it’s the ideal opportunity for the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions to ricochet back.

Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions have won 10 matches and lost 16 while on the other hand, the opposing team Fubon Guardians have won 10 matches and lost 13 matches so far. In their last playoff, Uni Lions fought against China Trust Brothers and lost the match scoring 9 goals while CTB has won the game scoring 10 more goals than the UL. Stay tuned with us for all the updates and the Live Score of the match, FBG vs UL!