New 296 GT3 to make its debut on the track in 2023 and will replace the 488 GT3 one of Ferraris most successful racecars.

Ferrari’s 488 GT3 first hit the track in 2016 and after establishing itself as one of the company’s most successful GT3 racecars it is now due for a replacement. The successor of choice? The new 296 GT3. Ferrari previewed it’s upcoming GT3 racer in official sketches showcasing the 296 decked out with extreme aero upgrades. Ferrari has said that prototypes of its new racecar will be hitting its test track in the coming months with its race debut planned for 2023.

The 488 GT3 in its racing tenure has scored 429 wins from 770 race starts and won 107 titles with Ferrari calling it “the most successful car in Prancing Horse history.”

Going by the sketches, the whole 296 body seems to have been widened with the air-inlet vents on the rear fenders more prominent than on the road car likely to enable better cooling. The front bumper is different and features a large front splitter and prominent canards to increase downforce. The front wheel arches feature vents to help dispel air pressure while at the rear a large rear spoiler and massive diffuser round out the visible aero upgrades.

Upgraded aero includes a large rear wing, prominent front splitter, large rear diffuser and more

This is just based on sketches, so we’ll have to wait and see how these changes reflect on the actual race car.

Aside from the upgraded Aero expect several changes to be made both on and under the skin. This could include the use of lighter weight materials for body panels, upgraded brakes and suspensions and a stripped-out cabin replete with a roll cage.

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The 296 GT3 will be powered by Ferrari’s V6 engine though unlike the road car it will lack the hybrid tech to meet GT3 regulations. The 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 from the road car makes 654bhp with the hybrid system bumping out overall output to 819bhp. Expect the race-spec V6 unit to feature some changes over the road car to withstand the rigors of racing.


Expect more details to drop closer to the time of the model’s debut.

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