What Happened To Vladislav Avayev? Suicide Or Murder

Former Gazprombank vice-president and his family were found dead in their residence on Universitesky Boulevard. Vladislav Avayev, according to the initial version, murdered both his relatives and himself.

The driver was there in their apartment and found no one opening the door of the apartment. He then called Vladislav’s eldest daughter, who only appeared after lunch.

When they opened the door, they discovered the dead body of Vladislav, his wife, and his daughter. Vladislav was 51 years old, whereas his wife was 47 and his daughter Maria was 13 years old

The officers on the scene suspected that the former vice-president shot his wife and daughter before he shot himself. 

Learn About Vladislav Avayev Wife And Daughter – Found Shot Dead

The news of Vladislav Avayev’s death has surfaced the social media. Not only did the former vice president die but the police found two more bodies. They belonged to his wife and daughter.

As per the report, it is believed that the cause of death is from the shot wound. However, we do not have all the details on how many shots and where they were shot.

More On Vladislav Avayev – Former Vice-President Of Gazprombank

So far, there is not much information on the former Vice-president of Gazprombank, Vladislav Avayev. However, Vladislav was married to his wife, Elena.

It is not known for how long the couple was together. It is believed that, they have two children. May the departed soul rest in peace. We hope in the future we won’t have such heartbreaking news upcoming.

Here the innocent 13 years old a teen’s untimely death, the murder is disturbing. She had not lived her life yet and lost it at an early age.