Call it fate or coincidence, Giselle Ramirez‘s happiness knew no limit when JaVale McGee entered her life, and the same goes for this man too. Luckily, both are among the most influential personas in the entertainment industry, and they hold each other’s hands in real life. There are many celebrities whose fame is overshadowed by their partner, but that is not the case with Giselle. She reached where she is now today with all her efforts and talent.

That might be the reason why she is a realtor and model. Talking about JaVale, he is a basketball player who dedicated his talent to the famous LA Lakers. Not to mention she is a two time NBA Champion along with his former team Golden State Warriors. In today’s article, we are going to talk about this model and not this player. However, we cannot complete this article without mentioning this handsome more often. Let’s start with some quick facts.

Giselle Ramirez Short Bio, Parents, Childhood, Siblings and Education

As many of you might have anticipated, this lady is straight from El Salvador, Central America. She was born in a decent family, where her basic requirements were fulfilled with ease. Not only that, but her parents also did not compromise a bit to bring out the best version of their daughter.

Thanks to them, Giselle has been able to handle two professions at the same time with ease. Unfortunately, there is no valid information about her parent’s names and whereabouts. We suspect that’s he wants to save her loved ones from the negative impact of the media.

Similar is the case with her siblings, there is no information even if she has one. Moreover, Ramirez is of Latin American origin and an honorable citizen of the United States of America. Because of her race and origin, she can fluently speak both Spanish and English.

Until now, there is no news about how and why her family ended up in America. Talking about education, she has been to the University of California. Sources suggest that she has received two degrees, but the subject she majored in is still in the dark.

How Tall Is Giselle Ramirez?- Height, Age, and Body Measurement

Unlike other models and celebrities of the industry, Giselle is a bit shy and conservative. Due to some reason, there is only few information about her in the media. We totally respect her privacy, but fans want to know more about their ideal no matter what.

Nevertheless, considering Jacvale’s age, this hottie should be around 28 to 32 years old. Sadly her birth date is also a matter of interest to many, which data is currently unavailable.

In contrast to McGee’s height, 7 feet or 2.1 m in general, Ramirez stands tall at an estimated height of 5 feet 8 inches or 1.76 m. Her height is perfect, and eye-soothing to look on the ramp. Despite having a significant height gap, they look marvelous together.

There is no denying that this gorgeous model has an alluring body. Her workout regimes might let young girls think twice. Well, nothing comes for free, does not it? To maintain her statuesque figure, Giselle hits the gym more often than not. Even her diet routines and confidentiality.

Moreover, her voluptuous figure compliments tight clothes such as leggings, one-piece, swimsuit, and more. Her while skin tone tends to look good in every apparel she tries on. What’s more, is that her fantastic physique showed all the way to model.

Surprisingly her long black hair also complements a pair of brown eyes. The distinctive feature od this piece of beaut is her plumped lips, chiseled face, monolid eyes, and high-arched eyebrows. Overall she is super to watch out in the ramps.


Before initiating her life as a real estate agent, Ramirez was profoundly active as a model. During her prime time, she worked with several big brands such as Fashion Nova, to name a few. Surprisingly she uses an Instagram platform to enhance her work as a realtor and model.

On Instagram, she shares the product and brand she relies on and is using. Even her Instagram posts help her to make extra bucks. However, a realtor is her major business, and she is the queen in her own field. There are numerous houses, big mansions, and the land she has sold in her lifetime.

Despite the fact that she is living with one of the highest-paid players in the sports industry, she works for herself. There is no denying that she has been inspiring young women like her to be independent, versatile, and beautiful in their own way.

On the contrary, we are well aware that McGee is a professional basketball player. He has worked with  Washington Wizards, Denver Nuggets, Philadelphia 76ers, Dallas Mavericks, and Golden State Warriors.

 Is JaVale McGee and Giselle Ramirez Married? Do They Have A Kid?

With a rise in fame and popularity, everything she does catches attention from everywhere. In a moment like this, fans want to know more about her, whether it be the food she ate or the place she went to. But Giselle is someone who likes to keep her life private no matter what.

Among all her relationship has been the talk of the town. Unfortunately, there is no news about exactly when did this couple bumped with each other. Sources suggest that JaVale was searching for a house and found they’ve of his life. Well, who would not fall in love with beaut?

After the coincidental meetup, the lovey-dovey couple started dating since 2015. From that moment on, there was no looking back. After being together for some years, their happiness knew no limit when they welcomed their first kid. Genevieve grey McGee was born in 2016, and the couple was more than happy to have her.

Moreover, the duo has not decided to walk down the aisle just yet. They are taking their time to think about this matter. We wonder what they are waiting for as they are already parents of a kid. Whatever the reason might be, we are happy to see them together.

How Much Does Giselle Ramirez Earn? What Is The Net Worth of Giselle Ramirez?

Woefully there are no valid sources who have come forth revealing the net worth of this beautiful woman. However, there are some who speculate her net worth to be grossing $500k. In addition to this, a typical realtor is expected to make money nearly between $40k to $109k annually.

To be precise, Ramirez professional handles the contract or property in which market value is not less than six-digit. In contrast to the level of her work and popularity, this amount seems to be vague. We will report as soon as the real net worth is updated in the media. Till then, stay tuned!

Unlike girlfriend Giselle, JaVale is very open about himself in the media. In 2020 his net worth is no less than $14 million. From the past few years, the Lakers have been able to garner huge paycheck from their game. Also, Washington Wizards dealt him with a $6.9 million contract and received a yearly $1.3 million.

That’s not only it, but his contract with Denver Nuggets also invited him plenty of wages. Soon after the Nuggets asked for his services, JaVale agreed on the jaw-dropping amount, i.e., $44 million. In return, he made $10 million as his salary.

In addition to this, during his one year period with Dallas Mavericks, this player collected $1.2 million. In the same manner, later, she signed with Golden State Warriors, who paid him $2 million. After some years, he got a new contract with the Lakers and made $2.3 million and some bonuses.

Currently, Ramirez and McGee are living a lavish lifestyle and a happy life along with their daughter. They decide in Los Angeles where they own mansions which market value is more than  $2.4 million. Furthermore, this basketball player has a deluxe car, which is super expensive and costs $1.6 million.

Social Media Presence

Giselle always has to divide her time between realtor and modeling. Amidst all this, she makes time to be in touch with her beloved fans. To do so, she highly relies on Instagram. You can follow her in the link below.

Instagram: 29.8k followers

Besides this, she has another account to publicize her real states. You can follow it in the link below;

Instagram: 485 followers,