Two Roswell preschool teachers have been detained after parents witnessed suspected assault in the classroom through a live video feed. The footage also showed that one instructor was kneeing a child in the back.

According to police, the teachers are arrested on child cruelty charges, which were filmed in a classroom Livestream.

Former instructors Zeina Alostwani, 40, and Soriana Briceno, 19, both of Parker-Chase Preschool in Roswell, were arrested and jailed with first-degree child cruelty on Monday, as per the Roswell police.

The suspected physical contact between the teachers and the youngsters, aged 2 and 3, occurred on Thursday and was witnessed by a parent watching the live stream, the authority reported.


Who Is Gloria Barghi From Roswell?

Gloria Barghi is the mother of one of the children who was assaulted by two teachers at a Georgia preschool.

She told Atlanta’s NBC network WXIA that intuition led her to check in on the classroom using an app on her cellphone.

When the main teacher was abusing the first victim, she pulled up the app and recorded it. The police force investigated the video clip that shows a group of pupils sitting on the floor inside a classroom for slightly under 80 seconds.

A woman can be seen hitting another student in the back with her knee 16 seconds into the clip. The other instructor, who is sitting on the floor immediately goes in front of the youngster and appears to push the child’s head back with her finger.

Endeavor Schools, the preschool’s management business, made an announcement that the teachers in the video have been fired and will face charges.

Gloria Barghi Got Georgia Preschool Teachers Arrested

Roswell police arrested Alostwani and Soriana Briceno on child cruelty charges after one of the parents, Gloria Barghi, reported the event.

As reported by CNN, Barghi was also the first to inform the mom of one of the victims about the assault, and both women requested to see the video.

Authorities asked Alostwani and Briceno to be denied any chances of bail on bond when they stood in front of a judge on Tuesday. A $75,000 bond was issued to Alostwani.

However, Briceo was denied bond due to her asylum and citizenship status. The teachers were sacked for inappropriate disciplinary actions as per the statement released by the institution.

Gloria Barghi Son Was Almost The Victim Of Torture

In a horrifying child abuse incident, Gloria Barghi’s three-year-old son was nearly tortured as he sat next to one of the victims.

Fortunately, Barghi and her husband, Brant Duncan, hurried to the preschool and visited their son before the event happened. They requested to watch the complete video of what they had just witnessed live.

As per the reports mentioned by Marca, the teacher, who is kneeling, turns away from the kids and walks on her knees out of camera range.

The teacher places her index finger on the child’s face and then presses the child’s forehead, making their head bobble, as per the clip.