Goran Dragic is a father of two kids, Mateo Dragić & Victoria Dragić. He is a Slovenian professional basketball player for NBA.

Goran Dragic is back with new energy after he misses two free throws in Canada. Boos were loud in Toronto for Goran Dragic’s return.

The basketball star paced at 1st in the 2027 All-Star voting, followed by Paul Millsap and Saben Lee. All-time favorite Groan is an elite player.

As reported in the FanNation, he and The Miami heat set for a reunion in Brooklyn on March 3. Dragic, the fan-favorite, played in Miami for six years before joining the Toronto Raptors.

Brooklyn Nets: Who Are Goran Dragic Kids Mateo Dragić & Victoria Dragić?

Goran Dragic, the Brooklyn Nets, is blessed with two kids, Mateo Dragić & Victoria Dragić.

As reported on the source, Victoria was born in 2015, and Mateo was born in 2013. He is the player of the Brooklyn Nets, an American professional basketball team in New York City.

The Nets, the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference’s member, compete in the National Basketball Association. He has been with the Brooklyn Nets since February 22, 2022.

A 35-year-old point guard has shared a heartwarming photo of his two kids on his 34th birthday. The two kids showed their love to him by kissing him on the cheek.

Goran Dragic Wife-Explore His Family

Goran Dragic has a small family of four with his wife, Maja Dragic.

The couple got married in 2013 after a long-term relationship. Unfortunately, the player has kept a secret about his wife’s information.



According to Wikipedia, he grew up in Slovenia under the parenthood of a Serbian father and a Slovenian mother. In childhood, he was a footballer. 

An injury forced him to change football to basketball. He admired Allen Iverson, Steve Nash, and Michael Jordon when he was a child.

Being from an athlete family, his younger brother, Zoran, was a teammate on the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat. As of now, he pls for Cedevita Olimpija. 

A Serbian Orthodox Christian Dragic was also a teammate to Markieff and Marcus Morris.

Goran Dragic Net Worth-What Does He Do?

As reported on Essentially Sports, the net worth of Goran Dragic was $131,505,814 as of 2021.

He signed a one-year contract worth $18,000,000, including a team option for the subsequent year. Reportedly, he will achieve $19,440,000 in the 2021-22 season.



He will earn $728,742 from Brooklyn Nets and $18,60,165 from San Antonio Spurs. Moreover, he is the 60th best-paid NBA player this year.

As far, he has played professionally with Slovan (2004-2006), Murcia (2006-2007), Olimpija (2007-2008), Phoenix Suns (2008-2011), and Huston Rockets (2011). Additionally, he played for Miami Heat (2015-2021), Toronto Raptors (2021-2022), and Brooklyn Nets (2022- present).