Born Eberhard August Franz Ewald Krüger, on  April 12, 1928, Hardy Krüger was a German actor and author, who appeared in more than 60 films from 1944 onwards. He died on 19 January 19, 2022.

After becoming a film star in Germany in the 1950s, Krüger increasingly turned to roles in international films such as Hatari, The Flight of the Phoenix, The Wild Geese, and many more top movies.

Hardy Krüger Cause Of Death

Hardy Kruger’s cause of death was not revealed to the public after his funeral announcement was made. Perhaps the family is trying to keep it as private information.

How Did Hardy Krüger Die?

his death was described as “sudden and unexpected” by his Hamburg-based literary agent, Peter Kaefferlein as reported by The Washington Post. How exactly he died and what he died from have both not been told yet.