Who Is Actor Harry Trevaldwyn? Is he gay? Let’s find out everything about the actor and his partner.

Harry Trevaldwyn is an actor known for his work in The King.

Lately, he has also been leaving his impression of a comedian on different social media uploads. Let’s get through this article to know more about him.

Quick Facts:

Name Harry Trevaldwyn
Age 20-26
Gender Male
Height 1 m 85 cm
Weight 73kg
Nationality British
Profession Actor
Education University of Bristol, English Literature
Instagram @harrytrevaldwyn
Tiktok @harrytrevaldwyn
Twitter @harrytrevaldwyn
Youtube Harry Trevaldwyn
Facebook Harry Trevaldwyn

Harry Trevaldwyn Wikipedia

Wikipedia hasn’t introduced actor Harry Trevallwyn.

Yet, you can find him on different social media like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

He has introduced himself as ‘a shy national treasure’ in his profiles. He is quite updated on his social site profiles.

What’s Harry Trevaldwyn’s Age?

Harry is a quite young actor whose age is exactly not identified.

His date of birth couldn’t be located in any social media or publications. However, he has given a hint that his age ranges from 20 to 26.

The actor’s height is a little above ordinary people. He stands 1m 85cm tall and is slim build.

Is Harry Trevaldwyn Trans Or Gay?

Yes, Harry Trevaldwyn is gay. He has referred to himself as a gay narrator in quite a few works of him.

The actor has been proudly mentioning his sexual orientation in his uploads in different media.

The question if he has a partner remains unanswered at this moment. However, he keeps posting videos and content on romantic dates or dinners on his Instagram and Youtube channels.

Some Interesting Facts About Harry Tevaldwyn:

  • Harry Trevaldwyn is a gay actor known best for his role as Dartmouth in The King (2019), and he is single. His age ranges from 20 to 26 years, and his height is 1m 85cm.
  • The actor is British and of Caucasian ethnicity. He has also been establishing himself as a comedian and a writer.
  • He is a white blonde actor with blue eyes and is slim build.
  • The actor has more than 9k followers on Instagram and almost 17k followers on Twitter.
  • He attended Rugby School and went to the University of Bristol to study English Literature.