Who Raised Holly Marie Clouse?

Holly Marie Clouse was raised by the members of a nomadic religious group who avoids leather and eats only vegetables. 

According to Fox News, the cold case agency Identifiers International was able to track down Holly, who is now 42 and “alive and well,” in June 2022.

Holly’s discovery comes mere months after her parents’ burial; however, concerns remain about what happened to them and how she managed to live.

As per the First Assistant Attorney General, Brent Webster, two barefoot women in white robes delivered baby Holly off at a church in Arizona, United States. 

They claimed to be part of a “nomadic religious group.”However, there are no further details about them. Holly Maries currently lives in Oklahoma. 

Holly Marie Clouse: Missing Baby Found After 41 Years

An infant baby who had been missing since 1981, after her parents were found dead, was found 41 years after the incident. 

Investigators reported that Baby Holly, now 42 years old, was discovered alive. Her parent’s body was identified last year through DNA testing. 

The officials recently visited Holly to inform her parents and their case. Authorities have revealed that she will soon meet with her biological family.

How Did Holly Marie Clouse Parents Die?

Police investigators are yet to find out how Holly Marie’s parents, Tina Gail Linn Clouse and Harold Dean Clouse Jr, died. 

As per Webster, Tina and Harold’s family got a phone call from someone named “Sister Susan” in Los Angeles in late 1980 or early 1981. 

Sister Susan informed the family that the young couple had joined the religious group and “no longer desired to have contact” with them. 

Susan offered to return the couple’s car (which belonged to Harold’s mother) to Harold’s family in Florida, United States.