How did Lynda Baron Dog Pippin die and what was his cause of death?: Pet animals are always very close to the heart of the owner. They are always considered as the family members of the house and when any mishappening has happened with them it will leave a deep impression on the owner as well as other family members. One such death of a pet dog along with an actress brought a shock wave on the web. Social media users are mourning the demise of a popular actress. The name of the deceased actress is Lynda Baron who played Auntie Mabel in the children’s television show titled “Come Outside” has passed away at the age of 82. Follow More Update On

How did Lynda Baron Dog Pippin die?

Her death news is officially confirmed by her agent. Admirers online are recalling the actress and the joy her role brought to children throughout the country. Several have also brought up Pippin the dog, the loyal companion of Auntie Mabel in the show. But what actually occurred to Pippin the dog? Let’s have a look…

When Did Lynda Baron Dog Pippin The Dog Die?

Pippin the dog starred alongside Lynda Baron in the beloved television show of the children “Come Outside”. Pippin was a mixed-breed-half half Bearded Collie and half Tibetan Terrier. At the time of the first series of the show, Pippin was an old dog so she performed the slower movements whereas her grandson, Mr. Higgins took on the more physically demanding work. Though at the end of the first series, Mr. Higgins took over the role of Pippin entirely. The original Pippin passed away in the last 90s whereas Mr. Higgins passed away in the year 2008.

Actress Lynda Baron Passed Away At The Age Of 82

The death news of Lynda Baron at the age of 82 was asserted by her agent, who called the actress “a wonderful actress and a great companion.” Her agent Donna French stated: “Her iconic roles of Nurse Gladys in Open All Hours and Aunt Mabel in Come Outside were loved by all generations. Famous for her leading roles in West End musicals and dramatic productions alike, we have lost a leading light of our world.”

In an interview with “The Sunday Post” in the month of February 2020, Lynda Baron explained playing Auntie Mabel as “a delight”. “I used to get wonderful letters from kids asking for a signed picture-mostly of Pippin who was the dog of Auntie Mabel and a lovely co-star. Pippin stole each and every scene and why not. Pippin was lovely,” Baron described.