How Did Maren Morris Meet Ryan Hurd?

Maren Morris, a star singer/songwriter is currently married to Ryan James Hurd. Coincidentally, Ryan happens to be a famous singer/songwriter as well. Marren is 31years while Ryan is 35years. Marren was born on 10 April 1990. On the other hand, her husband, Ryan was born on 2 November 1986.

The couple met way back in 2013. Maren has expressed that, her husband Ryan Hurd has been a creative collaborator since day one. She also added that they paired up to write songs.

Additionally, the couple has been friends for two years before starting to date. The pair started dating in 2015, then they got engaged in 2017 and finally got married in 2018 precisely on March 24.

Image Credit: Entertainment Tonight


They got married in 2018 in Nashville and now have a lovely son together. Their son is Hayes Andrew Hurd. Marren is a pop, rock and R&B singer while Ryan is into Country music. The couple has a duet together called ‘Chasing After You’.

Image Credit: Daily Mail

The pair always look cute together with their dear son as they embrace and celebrate each other on social media.


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