Who was Ernest Shackleton?

Earnest Shackleton was a brilliant explorer of Antarctica. He was also known for his deep passion for adventure and he showed this by going on three different expeditions.

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He was of British and Irish descent. He was born on February 15 1874 and he died on 5th January 1922.

Ernest Shackleton Death

Mr Ernest Shackleton passed on due to a heart attack. This happened when he tried to return to Antarctica. According to Eric Marshall, a medical officer to the 1907-09 expedition, Shackleton suffered from an atrial septal defect otherwise known as a ‘hole in the heart’.

Did any of Ernest Crew members die?

Surprisingly, the answer to this question is no. In the 1914 expedition led by Ernest Shackleton, all the crew members survived by a hair’s breadth.

This was an astonishing story because the Endurance ship sunk 25 days after the crew abandoned it. The ship was only discovered 106 years later.

Also on the day, Ernest embarked on his final journey to Antarctica, he was the only one who died.


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