The road to recovery is not easy. There’s no denying that. Staying sober and confronting demons is even more challenging. Substance abuse is a nightmare that keeps occurring. People who struggle with addiction often find it difficult to return to normal life. 

Fortunately, there are several remedies for people struggling with drug abuse. One such program is sober living house. Nowadays, these facilities come with all sorts of utilities such as reliable internet connections powered by Cox plans. So, what exactly is a sober living house. Let’s find out.

What Is a Sober Living House?

Sober living houses are also known as sober living environments. They provide supportive living conditions for people recovering from substance abuse. Sober homes aren’t treatment facilities per se. They are substance-free living environments. Think of them as a transitional facility for people in the early stages of substance abuse recovery. 

It is worth mentioning that sober environments aren’t the same as rehabilitation programs. That is why therapists advise against entering sober living while doing a drug recovery program. Sober environments do offer therapy sessions and group support. Sober living is the first place recovering addicts should go to post rehab.

Rules of Living in a Sober Home 

Sober living environments have their own set of rules and regulations. These rules are mandatory and no person living in a sober house can bypass these regulations. One of the basic rules is that residents of sober living pay rent. Yes, you read that right. Think of it as a paying guest concept. People pool in money to pay rent for the facility.

Sober environments also provide therapy support and group discussions. People living in sober environments attend these sessions as part of their recovery. Moreover, use of intoxicating substances is strictly prohibited. But, one can bring prescription medicines. Residents regularly participate in house meetings. The purpose is to promote inclusion and safety.

Benefits of Sober Environments

To avoid any confusion, sober living and halfway houses aren’t the same. The latter are government-funded institutions. People living in halfway houses cannot stay there for long periods of time. Sober environments, on the other hand, are private establishments run by former drug addicts and/or NGOs.

Sober homes offer multiple benefits. People in need of a new routine may find sober homes great. Sober home residents cooperate with each other. They encourage each other to give up substance abuse and focus on their lives. Moreover, sober homes offer regular therapy sessions and group exercises. One of the best things about sober homes is that residents learn to accept and take on social responsibilities.

What Is the Cost of Setting Up a Sober Living House?

Sober living homes are profitable ventures. You’ll have to consider multiple factors before you start a sober living home. Please note that the cost of opening a sober environment varies from location to location.

Also, it comes down to how big the facility is and how many residents are you willing to accommodate in your sober home. That said, these are the steps you need to take if you want to set up a sober living environment for people in recovery:

Run An Analysis

Market research is crucial to the success of any business. Underline your goals and your vision for the venture. Important things to take care of include resources, priorities, and organizational needs. Make sure that you understand the sober environment business model before taking the next step. Study different sober living houses operating in your city or state.

Create a Business Plan

Making a business plan is the next step towards setting up a sober home. Your business plan will include everything, from costs to zoning regulations to rent. Also, your business plan will determine your unique selling proposition. You’ll have to consider the number of people you want in your sober home. This will also include the staff.

Determine the Rent

Rent varies greatly based on the services provided as well as the home’s location. Remember, rent is an important factor when it comes to your sober home. After all, it is your primary source of revenue. That doesn’t mean you should charge high rents. You can compare the rent of different sober living environments and come up with a fair price for your facility.

Apply for License

You’ll need a license for your facility. The licensing requirements and regulations vary from state to state. Texas, for example, does not require sober homes to get a license. However, sober homes can voluntarily request one. Also, you’ll have to meet several requirements to open a sober house for people recovering from substance abuse.

Sober homes must comply with federal laws. They must have the necessary certifications and documentation. Sober environments must be clean and safe. Also, you may not open a sober home if you don’t have adequate supplies and space for residents. Residents must not bring with them alcohol or any other drug other than the ones prescribed by their doctors.

Provide Quality Services

It’s not just about giving people a space to interact with others. Sober homes are also about creating a quality lifestyle for people who are often at the lowest point in their lives. So, offering them different services becomes pretty much a necessity. A good sober home has services like drug recovery plans, employment assistance, alcohol testing, etc.

The Way Forward

Sober living house is a great initiative, if done right. Not only are sober environments a service to humanity, they also create revenue for owners. Do your share of research, create a workable plan, and establish a sober living environment. It may not be as easy as it sounds but once you put everything into it, you’ll get the results.