How Old Is Ali­son Young



Ali­son Young, a QVC presenter, talks about how she has struggled with chronic health issues and migraines since a childhood mishap from a horse.

Also, she has chronic pain every day as a result of a variety of in­juries and illnesses. She jan­gles with the med­i­ca­tion that keeps her alive, in her own words.

She lives and works in the United Kingdom as a television and radio presenter, beauty guru, and advisor. She has spent nearly two decades building her personal brand into the success that it is today, driven by her passion for what she does.


What Kind Of Illness Does Alison Young Have?

Ali­son Young lives with chronic pain every day as a result of a variety of in­juries and illnesses. The 55-year-old, who lives on a farm in Surrey and has published her first book, The Beauty Insider, has been the shopping channel’s beauty expert for 30 years.

Her admirers have complete faith in her, and while QVC is tight-lipped about sales figures, industry insiders say she sold 78,000 Elemis skin-care sets that day, for an estimated £1.8 million.

She attributes her appeal to the fact that she is Mrs. Or­di­nary, Mrs. Av­er­age. She doesn’t claim to be “some su­per-in­jected, fab­u­lous, un­ob­tain­able per­son, but she does attribute some of her success to health issues.

While she managed to learn how to treat her acne and can, to a cer­tain ex­tent, con­trol her eczema through care­fully check­ing the ingredients of the prod­ucts she uses, her pso­ri­a­sis – an auto-immune dis­ease – has wors­ened with age while mi­graines, the le­gacy of a child­hood fall from a horse, has been harder to treat.

Who Is Alison Young? Wikipedia Of An Author

Alison Young, who was born in the north but now lives in the south, has worked all across the UK and around the world. She is widely regarded as one of the industry’s most experienced and trained specialists.

She is best recognized for her performances on screen as a household beauty figure, and she enjoys giving advice on TV, radio, and in the press, as well as interacting with her fans on social media. While working behind the scenes, she continues to grow her consulting business.

Her encyclopedic knowledge is based on qualified experience gained during a career spanning all aspects of the beauty industry, from treating Royalty and A-listers as one of the first celebrity facialists to product development and training responsibilities for some of the world’s largest cosmetic brands.

Alison has worked with hundreds of brands, evaluated thousands of products, treated tens of thousands of clients, counseled hundreds of thousands of consumers one-on-one and through her broadcasts, and millions of people have listened to her beauty advice on TV, radio, and social media.

Where Is Alison Young Now?

Alison Young has been a regular on the venerable retail channel QVC for nearly three decades. However, the beauty expert had not always intended to pursue a career in presenting or even in the field of beauty.

The opportunity to work for QVC came about as a result of her interest in luxury brands, engaging with consumers, and her own skin troubles.

She’s built a consulting empire and established herself as a trusted advisor to millions of buyers.

Personal life. Rodger is currently married to a QVC beauty expert presenter – Alison Young.
24 years, and now with an audience of millions, QVC is unrivalled in it’s genre of channels and has never been more successful, continuing as the UK’s number one. To keep up to date with Alison’s TV appearances follow her on social media here.