Online gaming is the boom industry and entertainment trend that knows no bounds, with more and more people joining the online gaming revolution from all four corners of the globe.

However, as with any major new trend, there are costs involved, especially for those players who are new to competitive Esports and online gaming, and who might already have other expenditures that life has thrown at them.

Here we detail some of the ways in which online gamers can keep their costs down, so that the online gaming lifestyle does not bankrupt them before they have even started.

Being into Esports can be an expensive hobby to have, with everything from electricity consumption right through to the purchasing of computer hardware taking a financial toll

Become a Content Creator

It is virtually impossible to make an income from simply playing online games, because with so many players out there competing, the competitions and tournaments that do exist are played at an incredibly high level. However, there is another way that players can attempt to monetize their gameplay and create a great community vibe all at the same time, and that is via online streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming. The former is particularly popular with players of classic online games such as poker and chess, with some classic online game providers giving incentives to those streamers who broadcast their exploits. Of course, streaming for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience, but luckily there are lots of well-established performers out there that newbies can take inspiration from when it comes to innovation, with the likes of Hikaru Nakamura, Lex Veldhuis, and Dr Disrespect coming immediately to mind.

While it takes a huge following for online gamers to start really seeing the fruits of their labor blossom, the main point in this whole process is being able to watch as your loyal following grows and your reputation begins to spread throughout the gaming fraternity.

Become a Brand All of Your Own

This point is closely linked to the one detailed immediately above, in that those online gamers who tend to blow up the quickest, in financial terms, are the ones who realize the importance of a personal brand. Essentially, this means that all streaming content and accompanying social media content should align in some way, so that followers can engage with a concept, narrative, or overarching aesthetic.

Choose a Game No One Else is Playing

One of the biggest errors that a lot of budding online gamers commit is dedicating their streaming time to the most popular game out there. This would seem like the most sensible approach, with said player giving themselves the best chance of garnering a huge following. Unfortunately, it also pits them against some of the biggest players in the online gaming world, which is tough.

Most new gamers are advised to start with a special niche, such as a game they think could be the next big thing. That way, they can position themselves as an authority in the field and mop up followers as the game grows in popularity.

Live streaming is not for the faint hearted, with only the most dedicated streamers making it big enough in order to be able to exist solely on their streaming revenue

Co-Lab with Other Gamers

Another great way to grow as a gamer is to co-lab with others who are on the same journey. This is not always how the online gaming community works, as there are certain factions and cliques much like in any industry or workplace. However, most avid Esports fans love to see a successful co-lab, as it shows a different side to all parties involved.

Keep Having Fun

Having fun on-screen is infectious, with people always more likely to be drawn to a smile and a laugh rather than a scowl and a cry of anguish. It’s surprising how many gamers lose the love for their passion and then find that their revenue streams dry up as a result. Remember, gaming should be fun above all else, otherwise why are you trying to make a living from it in the first place?