Mike Dimes is an American rapper whose major tracks have spread through TikTok videos, causing him to make headlines. Learn more about Dimess’s height in this article.

Dimes is an up-and-coming rapper from the South who aspires to be a major name in the rap game.

He is a rapper from San Antonio who attended Johnson High School. DLOG, which stands for Double Lamb OG, is his first album and is supposed to be his calling card.

Mike Dimes Height: How Tall Is The Rapper?

Mike Dimes has not disclosed his height on the Internet.

His age has not been revealed on the Internet. Dimes’s date of birth has yet to share.

The 21-year-old rapper has a lot of ambition and wants to make good music. One of his most recognized songs is My Story, which appears on his DLOG album.

Two weeks after its debut, the song had over 2.5 million Spotify streams. This year, the performer hopes to break bigger records.

Mike Dimes Wikipedia: Explore His Biography

Mike Dimes has yet to add his biography on the Wikipedia page.

Mike Dimes is a native of a little hamlet in Texas. He currently resides in the Texas city of San Antonio.

The rapper had to move around a lot because he was a military child.

David Peters is the rapper’s manager. The CAMP BILLY record label has signed him.

Spotify, the prominent music streaming site, has over two million monthly streams for Dimes.

Explore Mike Dimes Net Worth In 2022

There is currently no information on Mike Dimes’ net worth. The rapper has begun to build a reputation in the music industry and signed to a record label.

The amount he earns can’t be verified right now because the details of his contract aren’t available.

The rapper would certainly make a lot of money because his music is becoming increasingly popular day by day.

Meet Mike Dimes On Instagram

Mike Dimes has an Instagram account under the name @mikedimes.

He has 46.2k followers and 77 followings on his Instagram account.

He has 17 posts on his Instagram altogether. Dimes’s Instagram account is verified by his name.

He has a Twitter named @DoubleLambOG. He has 2,757 followers and 50 followings on his Twitter account.

On his Twitter account, he has 135 tweets. Dimes joined Twitter in September 2019.