How Tall Is Tootie?



How Tall Is Tootie?

Tootie Raww Baby Mama Ramya J is rumored to have been arrested following the baby paternity controversy. However, there is no official report supporting these rumors and as of now, it is only a rumor.

Let’s find out more about the Baby controversy that is surrounding Boosie Badazz’s son.

If anyone has been following Tootie Raw and the baby controversy with his girlfriend Ramya J, people are quite familiar with the video that has taken over the internet of Boosie celebrating that the kid is not his son’s.

The internet has taken over the controversy and people are giving their opinion related to this matter. However, it is still not clear whether the kid Ramya J has is that of with Tootie or not.

Is Tootie Raww Baby Mama Ramya J Arrested?

There are rumors about Ramya J’s arrest; however, this baseless hoax. As of now, no official source has confirmed this rumor and there does not seem to be a reason for her to get arrested.

Charges for her alleged arrest are also unknown, so the rumor is more likely to be fake. Nonetheless, she is trending on Twitter, and people are divided among her supporter and her hater.

There have been numerous posts from her social media handle. Along with that, there is a constant back and forth between Ramaya and Boosie on social media, which people are enjoying constantly.

Is Boosie Badazz Son Cleared From Being Father?

As of now, there is a lack of clear answers about Boosie’s son being the father of Ramya J’s kid. Recently, this news gained momentum after a video of Boosie went viral saying he is not the grandfather of the kid.

This implying Tootie is not the father of the kid. However, Ramay has uploaded evidence claiming that the kid is of Tootie and no one else. However, both of them have confused fans more than clarify them.

It looks like this will lead to some serious battle between them. Even a legal battle is possible for the paternity test of the kid because this serious issue concerns the future of the kid.

Who Is The Alleged Father of Ramya J’s Kid?

The alleged father of Ramya’s kid is Tootie, who is the son of the popular rapper Boosie. Tootie is also very famous and has hits like Trippin and Waiting On Me. However, more than his song, his baby controversy made headlines.

It was believed that Tootie is the father of the child with his ex-girlfriend and his family seems to have accepted that. However, now, there is the controversy that the kid might not be his at all. 

His father claims that kid is not his and his ex claim that kid is his. This has brought him and his family on trending pages on all social media.

Tootie Raww (born August 6, 2003; Age: 17 years) is a popular face of the music industry.

Tootie Raww Wiki (Age, Height, Weight & Trivia)
Real full Birth Name Torrence Hatch Jr.
Age (as of 2021) 17 years old.
Place of Birth The United States.
Nationality American.
Ethnicity Mixed.

How tall is Tootie?

Height In Feet & Inches: 5′ 4″ In Meters: 1.64 m In Centimeters: 164 cm

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