A heinous crime has occurred in Falmouth, Massachusetts, a young woman was shot dead and the suspect Tyler Gibbs is taken into custody for the Falmouth Shooting. 

The culprit of the murder also engaged in a standoff with the police for two hours on the Old Main Road in Falmouth. The motive of the culprit is still unknown. 

However, the authorities speculate, that the victim and the perpetrator might have known each other and due to conflict, the crime has occurred. Needless to say, an active investigation is being conducted by the police. 

Who Is Tyler Gibbs From Falmouth Shooting? 

Tyler Gibbs 23, is likely to be the resident that is living in the state of Massachusetts at Falmouth. He shot a woman dead and engaged in a standoff with police for 2 hours.

The police received 911 when the people heard the sound of shots being fired. When the authorities arrived they saw a woman in the pool of blood and a man outside the house who had barricaded himself. 

Tyler was the one who barricaded and engaged in arm confrontation with police, he, later on, gave up and surrendered his weapon to the cops. 

Man Tyler Gibbs Arrested In Kianna Paige Barrows Murder

Kianna Paige Barrow is a 20-21-year-old girl who has been a victim of the crime committed by Tyler. Kianna’s death has shaken the residents of Falmouth, as the peaceful and quiet state has been the story of murder. 

She was shot dead by Tyler, the motive is unknown but it is likely that the two of them each other and the escalation of conflict resulted in her death. 

However, an investigation has been conducted into the death of Kianna. The police have taken Tyler into custody after his surrender from the shootout. 

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Where is Tyler Gibbs Now?

Tyler is in the custody of Falmouth police, he shall go through due process and investigation as he is the lead suspect of the case. Moreover, the shootout with the police authorities is likely to add to his charges. 

Tyler does not seem to be stable, as his actions have not been conceivable by cops but the justice shall be carried out for Kianna Page. 

Furthermore, police have requested the public to stay away from the area on the Old Main Road, the collection of forensic evidence are essential to have significant proof against the perpetrator for him to be tried in a court of law.