I Just A Baby Tiktok: Creator Says Her Account Was Banned



I Just A Baby Tiktok: Creator Says Her Account Was Banned: Tiktok has become the birthplace of many new trends which instantly start trending on social media platforms. If you have been entertained by the initial “I Just a Baby” TikTok video or one of its many plagiarists, you have Jordan Faeh and her very self-aware daughter, Cosette, to thank. In the initial video, Cosette hilariously comical reminds her mother of her age, with increasing defiance. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

I Just A Baby Tiktok

Here is how the conversation went down:

  • Jordan: “Coco, when Mommy says stop, you say “OK.””
  • Cosette: “I just a baby!”
  • Jordan: “But you still have to say “Ok, Mommy””
  • Cosette: “I just a baby!”

This video clip has blissful countless users of TikTok, many of whom put their own spin on the conversation. But TikTok is not amused, seemingly: Jorda informed followers that the social media platform had prohibited her initial account. Here are more details about Jordan, her daughter, and her TikTok drama.


Cosette Is The 2-years-old responsible For The “I Just A Baby” TikTok Sound 

On Instagram, Jordan explains herself as a “Midwest mama, home educator, and homemaker…fueled by natural light, summer, and actually good taste of music (but mostly grace).” Jordan marked the 2nd birthday of Cosette on IG this year of January. “Cosy-Lou is turning 2!” the proud mother wrote in the post at the time. “The baby is not a baby anymore, and I am all of the cliche emotions about it. Her favorite things consist of the book Each Peach Pear Plum, her puppy Muddles, undivided attention from her siblings, choco-lick (chocolate). Little Bear, and her father, whom she urges daily upon rising. We adore her and commemorate the gift that she is to our family.”


The users of TikTok are using the audio from the video of Jordan for all sorts of examples of unwillingness. Jordan uploaded the initial audio on her Little Blooming Women account on the 20th of February and it ultimately racked up closely 8 million likes, as The Tab reports. A compilation on YouTube views all the creative ways the users of TikTok have coopted the audio for other temper huffs: an adult son who wants his father to pay for his cell phone plan, a cat that wants to play in the blinds, a calf that wants to stay in a farmhouse, a manager who wants to avoid talking to furious customers and even an albino ball python that wants to be embraced.