I just smoke my weed Song has been going viral on the platform Tiktok. Let’s know more about the trend, lyrics, and the original song.

Tiktok has been a platform where new songs are being viral now and then while old songs are coming back on-trend. You never know what trends come and go on TikTok.

But recently, I just smoke my weed song has been trending on TikTok, but the original song is Rocking A Cardigan in Atlanta

What Is I Just Smoke My Weed Tiktok Song?

I just smoke my weed song is a part of the original song Rocking A Cardigan in Atlanta, but many people might not know about the original song. 

Songs like Montero (Call Me By Your Name) by Lil Nas X, Peaches by Justin Bieber, Best Friend ft Doja Cat by Saweetie, Gimme More by Britney Spears, Deja Vu by Olivia Rodrigo are some of the trending songs of Tiktok.

I just smoke my weed song has been used in the Tiktok by the users for making dance videos or lip-sync videos on the song. Similarly, many users are seen doing the same choreography in the song. Furthermore, they are using it to express themselves.

If you search for the song, you will find the use of it by the users in various creative manners and showcasing their talent. 

I just smoke my weed song has been a trend due to the catchy and addictive lyrics of the song. Many TikTok users have revealed that the lyrics of the song are so catchy that they cannot get the song out of their heads and are compelled to make a video on it.

Similarly, the dance moves on the song also have garnered the attention of the TikTok users, and people are attempting to follow the dance moves and make their own videos on it.

While some TikTok users are singing the song or lip-syncing on it. Similarly, they are also giving their twist on it.

I Just Smoke My Weed Tiktok Song Original Singer & Track Details

I just smoke my weed Tiktok Song is from the original song Rocking A Cardigan in Atlanta, and the original singer is Lil Shordie Scott. The song was released this year, and it seems it is his single song.

The song has been hype, and it seems that it will remain on-trend for a while on the platform, Tiktok.,