The Intuition test Tiktok Trend has taken up a wide variety of forms since its inception. What is the Intuition Test Tiktok challenge that has been going on recently? Learn more about it below.

Tiktok challenges and trends have been a core factor of TikTok, and many have evolved beyond its simple concept. The Intuition Test Tiktok challenge changed many times throughout its history, and many creators have tried the Intuition Test Trend.

The #Intuitiontest has already amassed a billion views on Tiktok.


Intuition Test TikTok Meaning Explored

The Intuition test in Tiktok has a simple meaning. People test their Intuition with other persons, and some of the Tiktoks are even interactive.

The Intuition Test Tiktok challenges used to be about guessing the correct answer. It was usually about predicting which colored stone the Tiktoker would pick, or something like what color is this object, which was made black and white through a filter.

The Intuition challenge next evolved to be about clapping simultaneously as your partner with your eyes closed. You would have to intuitively guess when your partner would clap and match it with your clap.

Finally, the recent Intuition Test challenge is about matching your friend’s hand sign without looking.

The recent Intuition Test Tiktok challenge is about matching your partner’s hand sign without looking.

Many creators use the autotune version of the song ‘It’s a hard knock life,’ and they match hand signs to the rhythm of the music. The hand signs are usually just raised fingers to denote numbers.

However, some creators use crazy hand gestures, and TikTok gets more chaotic.

You can do the Intuition Test with two or more people, but the more the participant, the more complex the challenge. 

The challenge is massively fun to watch, and it is even more fun to try it yourself.

Intuition Test Question And Answer – How To Do This Challenge/Trend?

Performing the Intuition test challenges is simple, and you would only need an extra partner.

While most creators use the song ‘It’s a hard knock life,’ it isn’t mandatory. You can match your fingers to just about any rhythm or sound while closing your eyes.

The Intuition Test is all-about intuitively guessing and matching the number of fingers your partner raises. The challenges are somewhat of a connection and intuition test.

You can also include custom hand gestures, but the challenge gets more whacky and difficult.