Is APPLE WATTS DEAD or Alive After Car Accident In Las Vegas? Video Explained



Apple Watts Dead or Alive After Car Accident In Las Vegas? Video Explained: Accidents happen anytime if you are traveling on the train, on the bus, on the flight, or in your personal vehicle. It doesn’t matter which medium you picked. When it happens, then it snatches his or her life and their family’s lives also. Recently, a case has been seen out that Apple Watts who was a former love and hip hop star is met with an accident and now battling with her life. She was in the hospital and getting her treatment. In this article, we gonna discuss how a big personality has met with an accident and also we discuss what are safety measures which you should have to take when this kind of situation happens. Without wasting any time, let’s get started. Follow More Update On

Apple Watts Dead or Alive?

A Love & Hip Hop Star whose name is Apple Watts. She took her car Ford F250 taking with some passengers and head towards Northbound on I-15. She took her drive on Wednesday in Baker CA and headed towards her destination. Everything was going normal until this doesn’t happen. A Truck was coming into her way. There was no divider. The truck driver was tried to stop the vehicle and fully pressed on the brakes but it was too late for him.

Apple Watts Car Accident

And he collided with the Ford F250. Her vehicle was rolled up and flipped several times. After rolling, the car was brutally damaged and airbags were opening from every side of the vehicle where she installed the car. She got many injuries during this incident. One of the passengers who was talking with her has pulled the Watts out of the burning vehicle and take her to the Nevada Hospital where Doctors have immediately started her treatment.

Apple Watts Car Accident Las Vegas

After some time, the officials reached the accident place where the whole incident happened. They started their investigation and clicked the photos of the damaged vehicle and the truck. It was unknown whose the main victim during this incident. Some say she was drunk or taking drugs while driving. But this statement has been passed by some random people. The official statement is yet to come. She was famous in many shows. She appeared on Season 5 and Season 6 of the VH1 hit series. She was a native of Los Angeles. And she showcased her journey with her fans via social media platforms or on some tv news channels.

On Wednesday morning, 23rd of March, 2022, Former Love & HipHop: Hollywood star Apple Watts met with a car accident in Baker, California. Her sister asserted to The Shade Room that the reality star was engaged in a “severe car accident” and is presently admitted to the hospital with major wounds. As the news broke, some hearsay direct admirers to believe that Apple was dead, but that is not true. People are looking to know about her death hoax and her present condition. If you are one of them then keep reading this blog.

Apple Watts Is Not Dead

Apple was engaged in a very severe road accident and is presently in the hospital. She was traveling on Northbound I-15 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas when the accident happened, as per PEOPLE. She was driving a black Mercedes and the car crashed with a Ford F250 pickup truck. Because of the impact of the crash, her car turned over several times and “burst into flames”, disclosed  California Highway Patrol Officer Ramon Duran. A passenger in the pickup truck allegedly pulled Apple to safety and she was rushed to a University Medical Center in Las Vegas after suffering “major wounds”.

Singer Is Presently “Unresponsive”

The sister of Apple informed The Shade Room that the singer is still “unresponsive”. She also disclosed that Apple had suffered a fractured skull, a broken spine, and a shattered arm. This may result in difficulties in carrying on daily tasks such as eating and walking, started by a family friend. Admirers are sending their prayers to Apple on learning about the accident.

One of her fans wrote, “I hope Apple Watts pulls through. That lady done had a difficult go at life in general. Prayers man.”

Another person wrote, “Apple Watts was in a horrible car accident and is presently on life support. I really hope she pulls through.”

She transformed From A Dancer To A Successful Singer 

Apple is popularly known for her feature in “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”. She joined the cast in the year 2018 for the 5th season. Prior to being a part of the reality TV world. She was a dancer. She has featured in music videos as a dancer for Future, Chris Brown, and Ty Dolla $ign.

She ultimately transformed into a singer, carving a niche for herself in the music industry. Fade and Dirty are 2 of her most famous tracks.