Applewatts has been reported meeting an accident and sustained serious injuries. 

The news of her accident had been covered by the media on 24 March 2022. Fans were desperate to know about her health progress as there was no information on her injuries.

Her vehicle was said to collide with a diesel Truck, she got to be ejected from the car in critical condition and was transported to the hospital right away.


Injuries: Applewatts Car Accident and Life Support – Update

Fans were curious to know the health update of Applewatts. There is an update regarding her health which doesn’t sound much better. She is still fighting for life and is in critical condition.

As per the news, she is unresponsive. She has suffered from a broken spine & fractured skull. With all these injuries, especially in skill, everyone must be worried even she survived, will she be like before.

But, fans will not give their hope to her. The prayers and wishes are still in her ways. People would love to see that bubbly lady again back, on the stage entertaining the world.

Her sister has shared this news. Her car turned multiple times, and she was on a road trip, driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas when the accident occurred.

Know About Applewatts aka Jontelle Watts, Love & Hip Net Worth

Applewatts aka Jontelle Watts appeared in reality TV shows, “Love & Hip.” Her estimated net worth is range from $1 million – $2 million. Her source of income is from her singing and modeling career. 

She has already danced in the music videos of the famous singer. She calls herself energetic on the floor when she gets to dance. Though she started dancing in her early twenties, since her childhood, she loved music. 

What Is Applewatts Age – Meet Her On Instagram

Applewatts was born on 16 May 1985 which makes her 36 years of age. She is active on social media. You can follow her on her Instagram account with the username @applewatts_luver.

She has got 18K followers and 695 posts as of March 2022. She posts her photos and showcases her figure on her social media platform. She has got tattooed her body. 

Besides Instagram, she is also a Twitter user. She developed her interest in music since her childhood, and she started dancing when she was 21 years old. She is featured in many rap videos.