Budda Baker, an American footballer in the NFL, was carried out of the field on a stretcher yesterday after a helmet-to-helmet hit resulting in a head injury.

Budda Baker, born Bishard “Budda” Baker, plays the position of safety for the Arizona Cardinals. Budda has been with the team since 2017.

Budda is an exceptional talent. Making his first NFL draft in just 2017, he has already been included in the Pro Bowl four times and twice in the All-Pro.

The 26-year old footballer has an outstanding career by far and is one of the fan favorites. He started as a college player to an NFL rookie to finally make a name in the professional scenario.

Is Budda Baker Son Of Al Bubba Baker?

Budda Baker is said to be the son of another retired American Football veteran, Al Bubba Baker; however, there is no truth to this.

James Albert London Baker, better known as Al Bubba Baker, is a former professional footballer who played defensive lineman in the NFL. He was inducted into three Pro Bowls throughout his career.

Since both the footballers share the same last name, it is easy for people to get confused that they are related. There have been speculations that they might share a father-son relation.

The rumors, however, have not been confirmed by any of the sides.

There has been no mention of Budda’s parents anywhere. But on his Wikipedia page, it is written that his mother started calling him Budda when he was a small kid since she thought that he looked like a Buddha doll. Bishard since then has been nicknamed Budda.

Does Cardinal Star Have A Head Injury?

Budda Baker suffered a horrible head injury in last night’s game between Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals.

Baker got into a helmet-to-helmet hit with Rams’ Cam Akers. The collision resulted in Baker staying down on the grass, lying motionless till the Cardinals’ medical team came on the pitch to check him.

Baker was ruled out for concussion by the medical team and rushed to a hospital immediately. The teams were playing at SoFi Stadium, and Baker was applauded by the fans for his effort and knowing that he was okay.

Baker lifted his right arm as a sign that he was okay and was responding when the paramedics were asking him questions. However, he obviously will not be returning to the next two or three games.

The situation was chaotic in the field as the player collapsed. Every player in the stadium, both on and off the bench, rushed in to check on him, which showed how loved and respected Baker was.

Budda Baker is 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighs around 195 pounds, and is 26 years old as of 2022.