Is Canadian Sniper Wali Dead or Alive? Death Hoax Debunked: Recently, a Canadian Sniper Wali is circulating on the internet where Twitter and Reddit platforms say he was dead officially. Many say that he died during the bombardment of Yavoriv. He is from Canada and unfortunately, he landed in Ukraine on March 4 with three other former Canadian Soldiers as well as a large contingent of British Veterans. Follow More Update On

Is Canadian Sniper Wali Dead or Alive?

He reportedly came from Poland and was stationed in a newly refurbished residence before joining the Ukrainian military and citizen warriors. There has been no confirmation of Canadian Sniper Wali’s death from any of the major news outlets. As a result, it appears that the rumor is false.

But at the same time, the missile attacks were already launched against the Yavoriv region, where Wali was thought to have been stationed prior to his deployment. For safety measures, Wali has requested to be addressed by the codename he was given in Afghanistan in the event that former KGB strongman Putin finds his true identity and attempts to harm his Quebec family.

Canadian Sniper Wali Dead Declared On Twitter

He spent Saturday hunkered down in an abandoned building on the outskirts of Kyiv with a view of what he will only refer to as a strategic location. While he was fighting for Ukraine, his family and friends are celebrating the first birthday of his kid. Before the war, the 40-year-old was employed as a computer programmer.

He left his job and his family wants to serve in the Territorial Defense of the International Legion of Ukraine. The exact details of the sniper are not clear yet. Cops are searching for the evidence. In the Arabic language, his name Wali means it was guardian.

Canadian Sniper Wali Death Hoax Debunked

When his death news came out in the public. Many were stunned to hear it. He was a 40-year-old Canadian Sniper who prefers to remain anonymous as much as he want. Because of his work. He does not even active on social media. As he wants to keep his life private. There are many speculations based on him.

One speculation was the sniper is capable of killing up to 40 people in one shot in a single dau. On average, a normal sharpshooter can’t do this. He scored five to six kills per day on an average. But wali was different from everybody. Recently, he holds the record for the largest confirmed kill which occurred in June 2017. Seems like he was done mastering killing.