In 2018, a man named Charles Glaze became the talk of the town after he killed two people in a car crash in Houston. The 54-year-old Charles Glaze has his resume filled with criminal offenses.

Who is Charles Glaze?

Charles Glaze is a resident of Houston and came under the limelight after his car crashed two people on Grand Parkway in Houston. This incident happened in 2018.

Why is Charles Glaze famous?

The 54-year-old Charles Glaze is famous for his criminal offenses. In 2017, he ransacked a woman in Montgomery County in a graveyard. He used a Taser on her. Also, she was tied by a zip tie with a revolver for threatening. All this was done while the lady visited her son’s grave in Tomball Cemetery.

After this, in 2018, Charles Glaze again appeared in the scene when he caused an accident, or the more appropriate word would be a lethal car crash in Houston. This collision killed Michael Brown and Linda Fuggiti.

This is not the end. Charles is said to have a history of causing accidents and was also accused of driving at 95 mph. According to reports, Charles was wearing an ankle tracker at the crash. He has been sentenced to 15 years of prison.

There have been many speculations about Charles’s death, but there are no substantial reports in this case yet.,