Daisy May Cooper’s boyfriend Ryan Weymouth is a professional chef. Cooper was previously married to Will Weston with whom she shares 2 children.

Daisy May Cooper is an English actress known for her role in BBC Three series ‘This Country’.

The 35-year-old actress/comedian received a prestigious BAFTA TV Award for Best Female Comedy Performance in 2018.

Furthermore, Cooper is also an established writer.

Is Daisy May Cooper Married To Boyfriend Ryan Weymouth?

Daisy May Cooper is not married following her split with her husband Will Weston. Cooper lives under the same roof with her boyfriend Ryan Weymouth.

The couple went public about their relationship in December 2021.

While Cooper has not shared any Insta posts dedicating her current beau Ryan, the man has not backed down from showing his love towards his girlfriend.

Cooper, being a professional comedian, shares funny stories about Ryan on her Insta for her 1 million followers to be updated and connected with the couple.

Her recent story has led fans to wonder if the couple is married by now. Daisy shared a story of Ryan snoring while on sleep as she clicked a video sleeping beside him.

She is not expected to marry this quickly following her split. In one of her interviews, Cooper had stated to have grown tired of married life.

Ryan is a private chef showcasing his talents in yachts, pop-ups, and events. He is available for cooking tutorials as well.

Daisy May Cooper Split With Husband Will Weston

Daisy May Cooper decided to split with her husband Will Weston after being married for nearly 2 years.

Prior to their marriage on 21 September 2019, Cooper and Will were together as partners for many years. They had tied the knot in The Cotswolds.

The COVID lockdown led the couple to break the vows of being husband and wife. Cooper was already reported to be separated from Will in July 2021.

Following their separation, Cooper has removed Will as a director on her media houses.

Will Weston is a landscaper.

The former couple is a parent to 2 children. Their daughter Pip was born in 2019 and their son Jack was welcomed to the world in September 2020.

Daisy and Will separated 10 months after they gave birth to their son.

Meet Daisy May Cooper On Instagram

Daisy May Cooper can be found on Instagram as @daisymaycooper

She is highly active on the platform. She often shares her professional and personal details on the platform.

Daisy shares comedy skits as well.