George Niang does not seem to stop making records after records. Here is the answer to the question if the athlete has a girlfriend or a wife after such success.

George Niang is a professional basketball player known as the forward player of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Earlier this year, he was transferred from Utah Jazz to the 76ers. A couple of hours ago, the match between the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Net ended. Thankfully, Philadelphia won the match with a scoreboard of 115-104.

Niang contributed with 7 points and 3 assists in the match. Furkan Korkmaz was the highest scorer in the entire match scoring 27 points.

Many would think that the athlete celebrates the celebration with his girlfriend or wife, but it is quite the opposite.

George Niang Girlfriend Or Wife

As far as we know, George Niang does not have a girlfriend or wife as of now.

Although the man is of the appropriate age, it is not absolutely necessary to have a girlfriend. Thus, we can hope for the athlete to find the right fit when the right time comes.

We can find Niang making the best of his life and success on his Instagram as well.

George Niang Parents

George Niang is still in touch with his parents flourishing them with riches and luxuries.

George’s father is Sidy Niang while his mother’s name is Alison Niang.

Sidy, his father is from Senegal, a country in West Africa. Thus, he is both American and Senegalese.

Since, George was born and raised in the States, he does not spend much time in his father’s hometown.

George does not hesitate from buying lavishing gifts to his parents mostly cars, houses, and other home decor items.

George Niang Age And Height

George Niang is of age 28 years old born on 17th June 1993.

As an athlete, it is no surprise that Niang stands tall at the height of 6 feet and 7 inches.

Playing basketball from a very early age, he is a multiple record holder of basketball. Some of his records are: ‘the first player to reach four NCAA tournaments consecutively’, ‘first two-time All-American, and the career leader in games played with the most wins’ etc.

You can read more about the athlete on his Wikipedia page

George Niang Instagram

George Niang can be located on Instagram at @georgesniang.

His Instagram feed is a mix of family time, parties with friends, game pictures and so on.

If you’re a fan of 76ers, make sure to give him a follow,,