Indeed, they do seem to be related as they both share the same name, Cripps. Likewise, they seem to share a close relationship as Patrick is Jamie’s cousin. Both of them seem to share a close familial connection with one another.

Likewise, Jamie also seems to have another cousin in the AFL, Chris Douglas, who used to play for the West Coast Eagles as well. It does seem to be the existence of Crips’ family in the NFL. 

Nevertheless, they have performed professionally and achieved greatness for their respective clubs as well. Inside the field, they may be enemies, but the cousins seem to share a strong bond as brothers outside the field.

Jamie Cripps and Patrick Cripps Wives Names

Jamie married his long-term soulmate, Olivia, in October 2021 at a ceremony in Western Australia’s brewery. Both of them seem to have shared a happy marital bond. They also seem to have a son together.

Similarly, Patrick seems to have engaged with his partner in 2022, but her name has not been disclosed. Also, it seems to be a family-only event with few people. 

Both Jamie and Patrick seem to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle with their loved ones. They have faced some ups and downs in their career, but consistent hard work has helped them earn their glory.

Meet Jamie Cripps and Patrick Cripps On Instagram

Jamie and Patrick are available on Instagram. Both of them seem to share pictures of their family, their clubs, and sports. Jamie seems to share pictures with his wife and son more. 

Hence, Jamie seems to have about 23.8k followers. His handle is @jcripps15. Likewise, Patrick seems to share pictures with his buddies and his sponsored brands. He currently has 141k followers. His handle is @patrickcripps.