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  1. Barstool Is Kelly Keegs Fired? Current Job Situation

  2. Kelly Keegs Boyfriend 2022 & Breakup With Kmarko

  3. Kelly Keegs Is A TV Personality

Netizens are eager to know whether Kelly Keegs got fired or not. She is an American reporter and podcaster for Barstool Sports.

Recently, Kelly Keegs made headlines for posting a status in favor of Maria Ciuffo in Maria’s feud with hank Lockwood. On May 10, 2022, she posted Tom Felton’s claims that playing Draco Malfoy “Didn’t Make Him Popular With Girls,” but I Beg To Differ.

Some of her fans support her for being herself. Morganne McGuirk said someone had to have a normal reaction in the current situation, and she was always with Kelly Keegs.

Barstool Is Kelly Keegs Fired? Current Job Situation

No, Kelly Keegs hasn’t got fired from her current job at Barstool Sports. 

However, she has a discussion with the panel team and some misunderstandings plus disagreements among the media portal’s members. There has been numerous speculation that Keegs will sack because of the misunderstanding.

Her social media page continues to list her as a team member. It is solid proof that she is still at her office currently.

Kelly, the co-host of Barstool, centralized the main content related to sports. Barstool is a sports and society blog that publishes features and news. 

The host has been working on a project named Because We Got High, relating to the good times in individuals’ daily lives.

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Kelly Keegs Boyfriend 2022 & Breakup With Kmarko

Kelly Keegs broke up with her past boyfriend Kmrko in 2019 and seems to be single as of 2022.

Keegs, the media specialist, was in a relationship with Kmarko, a blogger and journalist at Barstool Sports. He left his post as editor-in-chief in 2020.

Fans were upset by their break-up and wanted to know the reason behind their separation. However, the reason behind their break-up has yet to be exposed.

Keegs has removed all the photos of her ex-boyfriend from her Instagram account @kelly.keegs. There is no information on whether they are still in contact. 

Kelly Keegs Is A TV Personality

Kelly Keegs is a TV personality who resides in New York City in Metropolitan Area.

Keegs has expertise in advertising, communications, social media, and marketing. Her specialties are Social media Integration, Advertising, Marketing, Event Management, and Marketing Research.

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Furthermore, the journalist has a degree in Marketing and communication and a BS at High Point University from 2009 to 2013. Likewise, she was a class counselor at Hunterdon Central Regional High School.

From Jan 2019 to Apr 2020, Kelly served as a business manager and Advertising coordinator at V Magazine, LLC. According to her LinkedIn account, she is a podcast host at Whine With Kelly.

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