Is Lianne Sanderson Gay?



Lianne Sanderson is a former professional footballer who has turned her career direction to TV Radio now.

The Champions League winner and England international also has bagged the winning title of Arsenal quadruple during her football days.

Lianne Sanderson has come to attention after she is joining UK’s TV quiz show The Chase, alongside Dion Dublin, David James, and Shaun Williamson. 


What Happened To Lianne Sanderson’s Teeth?

Some speculate that Lianne Sanderson’s teeth are fake, given how shiny they are. 

And, it can be confirmed by her before pictures, which shows that her teeth were not brighter.

If anyone glances at Lianne, perhaps the first thing they will ever notice is her pair of brightest teeth.

One of her fans even commented that she possibly has the whitest teeth in the sport, and she even makes Klopp’s nashers look moldy. Some also wrote down that she has the fakest teeth ever. 

While many complimented her for her great teeth and how shiny and arranged they are, some also stated that she underwent dental surgery to fix her distorted teeth. Some online users have even regarded her as having turkey teeth. 

If we compare her old pictures with her new ones, we can see the differences between her teeth. In the IG post shared by Lianne, she uploaded a photo with Christainao Ronaldo, and we can see that her teeth were utterly different before from how they are now.

She either has undergone some surgery or has followed some whitening processes, like using mouthwash and other dental procedures to polish her teeth.

Lianne Sanderson Partner And Married Life- Is She Gay?

Lianne Sanderson is openly gay, and her current partner is named Ellis. They started dating in early 2021 and have been together since they met. 

Before finding her love with Ellis, she was already involved in romantic involvement with other girls. In 2014, she even took her relationship further with her partner Joanna Lohman to fiance. After being together for some time, she and her then-teammate Lohman broke up later.

Right after that, Sanderson started a relationship with her other teammate, Ashley Nick, but their togetherness also did not last long.

Lianne Sanderson Net Worth 2022

Lianna Sandersons net worth in 2022 is estimated to be around $1 million to $5 million.

It is no surprise that she had a flourishing sports career before and now a journalism job, from which she might have earned a decent income.