22-year-old Newcastle resident Tyrone Thompson made national headlines after stabbing his former girlfriend, Mackenzie Anderson.

Tyrone Thompson was a man on parole as his former lover Mackenzie Anderson put an apprehended violence order under his name. But the order was not enough to provide her safety as she died by his hands.

The unspeakable incident had the first responders recoiling after watching her body on the side of the road while her life was slipping away.

Arrested | Who Is Newcastle Tyrone Thompson A Murderer?

Tyrone Thompson, a man from Newcastle, got taken into custody after stabbing he stabbed a girl Mackenzie Anderson on Friday. The arrest came after reports of a man trespassing into the home as he entered without invitation.

Indeed, the crime scene at her apartment in Mayfield was dreadful as the sufferer was in a dire state with life-threatening injuries.

The authorities disclosed that the killer did not escape unhurt as he is getting treated at John Hunter Hospital for the wounds inflicted by his victim.

Why Did Tyrone Thompson Stab Mackenzie Anderson- Did She Die?

Tyrone Thompson was a former boyfriend of Mackenzie Anderson, a 21-year-old from the same town.

After getting assaulted by her former lover, she landed in the Crebert Street unit as the paramedics gave everything to treat her injuries.

Sadly, she was too far gone as she took her last breath at the crime scene.

According to the detective in charge of the case, there were constrictions to prevent Thomspon from meeting the deceased as she had gotten an apprehended violence order. 


Tyrone Thompson Age And Wikipedia- Who Are His Friends And Family?

Tyrone Thompson, a 22-year-old man for Newcastle, Australia, will not be facing any charges for the murder and stabbing of 21-year-old Mackenzie Anderson.

Despite body cam videos from the site showing the hidden horrors of what went down in the suburb, there are descriptions of him escaping unscathed for his deeds.

Some details revealed by the superintendent say a child was present at the scene and got covered with the blood of her deceased mother. 

The child got taken to her relatives to stay until further arrangements for her home get made. 

Does Tyrone Thompson Have A Facebook?

The Facebook account Tyrone Thompson has not been disclosed, whereas Anderson was very vocal about her ideal on her social media.

Indeed, she was an advocate for women’s violence but suffered from the addiction since she was 16.

Besides, she knew she needed to stop abusing for the sake of their kid and made them realize the same.