As Maria Sakkari faces Bianca Andreescu in the fourth round of the US Open, rumours indicating Sakkari as gay has once again emerged. Is she really gay?

Maria Sakkari is a Greek professional Tennis player who has won one singles title at the WTA Tour in 2019.

As a professional tennis player, Sakkari reached her career-high singles ranking of 18 in May of 2021 whereas she is ranked 19in the world as per the latest ranking update.

Looking at her games and professionalism, it can be clearly seen that the athlete has the firepower to be the Tennis superstar in the future.

However, it is not only her game that gets her into the headlines. It’s often her sexuality and love life that gets the fans talking more than her game itself.

As he currently faces Bianca in the round of 16 of US Open 2021, more attention has again diverted into her relationship.

In this article, we take a look at her relationship details and also clear the confusion regarding Sakkri’s sexuality.

Is Maria Sakkari Gay? Partner And Sexuality

Despite all the rumours of Maria Sakkari being a gay woman, she has never identified herself as one and has always been clear about her sexuality.

Moreover, it appears that people seem to confuse her sexuality because of her muscles and how bulky her body is.

Because of her large biceps and such body features, many people are confused and wonder about her being gay.

However, the athlete has never really talked about her sexuality and identify herself as a woman.

Similarly, talking about her partner, there were rumours of the tennis player dating her fellow doubles partner, Stefanos Tsitsipas.

The talks of Stefanos being Maria’s boyfriend started after Stefanos kissed the lady on the cheeks after a doubles game.

Nevertheless, Maria later on addressing the situation said that they were only friends and have been together as childhood buddies.

How Old Is Maria Sakkari?

The Tennis player, Maria Sakkari’s age is 26 years old.

She was born on July 25, 1995, in Athens, Greece. Growing up in the capital city of Greece, Maria had a good upbringing and was introduced to tennis by her parents when she was at the age of 6 years.

Training and playing by herself with friends at an early age, Sakkari moved to Barcelona to train and pursue a career in tennis when she was at the age of 18.

Sakkari made her professional debut in 2015-16 WTA when she was only around 20 years old, as per her Wikipedia bio.

Who Are Maria Sakkari Parents? Family Details

Maria Sakkari was born to her parents, mother Angeliki Kanellopoulou and father Konstantinos Sakkaris.

Sakkari’s mother, Angeliki is a former top 50 tennis player that made it easier for her to pursue the sport. On the other side, her father’s professional background is not known.

Besides parents, Sakkari’s family also consists of her two siblings: brother Yannis and sister Amanda.

What Is Maria Sakkari Net Worth?

Talking about her net worth, multiple sites mention Maria Sakkari to have a net worth between $5- $10 million.

While official sources are yet to confirm her actual net worth value, internet sites mention Maria to have accumulated wealth between $5 million to $10 million.

Regardless, it is no doubt that the tennis player is a multi-millionaire and has a good amount of fortune.

Meet Maria Sakkari On Instagram

The Greek tennis player, Maria Sakkari can be found on Instagram under the handle @mariasakkari.

She has a verified Instagram account with over 308k followers where she regularly updates her fans with her pictures.,