Michael Robinette Greenberg is a best-selling author, a television anchor, and a host of ESPN and ABC radio shows. The public is curious as to where he is today and whether he is quitting Get Up.

Mike co-hosted the Mike & Mike show with Mike Golic on ESPN Radio on weekday evenings, most notably Mondays. He co-hosted Battle of the Network Stars with Joe Tessitore and presented Duel on ABC’s sister network from 2007 to 2008.

He also hosted ABC’s Duel and Battle of the Network Stars alongside Joe Tessitore. He began his writing career in March 2006 with the publication of his first book, Why My Wife Thinks I’m An Idiot: The Life and Times of a Sportscaster Dad.

Following that, he wrote several other books, including All You Could Ask For (2013), My Father’s Wives (2015), and Mike and Mike’s Sports and Life Rules.


Is Mike Greenberg Still On Get Up or Is He Leaving? Fans Wonder Why He Is Not On The Show Today

Mike Greenberg is not going away from the show “Get Up”. He is ill, and as a result, he may be unable to be on the show for a few days.

It’s never a good time to test positive for COVID, but it’s made more difficult when you spend as much time on-air as ESPN’s Mike Greenberg does.
However, if this occurs, the only option is to run and recover, which is precisely what he is doing.

He stated in a tweet that he tested positive with COVID and was experiencing pretty moderate symptoms. He has also claimed that he plans to return to the airwaves in the near future.

This indicates that ESPN will undergo some rearrangement but he will not be leaving the show.

Where Is Mike Greenberg Today?

Mike Greenberg has been the show’s host for more than three years and has already returned to the show after his health showed some progress.

On 2 January, he disclosed that he had contracted the coronavirus, which required him to remain in isolation at home. He expressed his displeasure as he could not attend his job on Twitter.

He also acknowledged his controllable symptoms and stated that he, like his family, was doing well. Additionally, Mike wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! As a result, he has been absent from the show for a week and will return soon.

Fans should not fear, as the presenter left ESPN’s morning show for a brief while but remains its host. He has been a part of GetUp! since its April 2018 launch.