A 16-year-old rapper was shot dead in Southeast DC on May 26, 2022. Police identified the victim to be DC rapper 23 Rackz whose real name was Justin Johnson. The neighborhood is in shock following the incident.

Rackz, 23, was a gifted rapper with a promising future ahead of him. In 2021, he launched his debut album, Rookie of the Year. He recently released the single Hook, which received a lot of positive feedback.

On his Instagram account, the rapper posted a video of himself lounging in his neighborhood shortly before the event. He was a vivacious individual who was well-liked by his friends and family.

MGE the Label was in charge of the management of the adolescent artist. Following the death of the promising rapper, social media has been flooded with tributes. Here’s additional information on the incident and 23 Rackz’s life.

Who Was Justin Johnson AKA 23 Rackz?

23 Rackz was a 16-year-old uprising rapper who was assassinated in Washington, DC by an unknown shooter. Justin Johnson was his true name, and he lived in Southwest Washington, D.C. The neighborhood was taken aback by the incident.

Near his area, the teen was killed in the 2200 block of Savannah Terrace Southeast, south of Suitland Parkway. Police have yet to make an arrest because there were no eyewitnesses to the crime.

Locals are stunned that someone had the courage to shoot the 16-year-old adolescent, who was well-known in his hometown. He did a lot of shows in the Southeast. Following the news of his death, fellow rappers paid tribute to him.

While in Los Angeles, rapper Wale shared a photo with the adolescent on Twitter, adding that he was heartbroken and speechless. DJ Akademics of DC radio recounted on Instagram how he invited the 16-year-old to the stage and had a good time with him.

Was Rapper 23 Rackz Killed In DC Shooting?

An unknown gunman shot and killed 16-year-old rapper 23 Rackz outside his home in DC. The shooting happened on May 26 at 11:24 a.m., according to sources. While searching the crime site for evidence, police discovered shell casings.

Moments before the altercation, the D.C. rapper shared a video on Instagram. He was seen lounging outside, smoking something, and lip-syncing a song in the video. The address he was in at the time was recorded on his video.

Initial speculation is that the killer saw his video on Instagram and realized there was no one around him at the time, so he launched an attack and fled without anybody noticing.

Is The Shooting Suspect Arrested?

The identity of the person who fatally shot the 16-year-old DC rapper is unknown. So far, no leads to the suspect have been discovered. The police are working diligently to identify and apprehend the perpetrator.

On Instagram, the rapper shared a few photographs of money and marijuana. It’s also possible that the murder was motivated by some unresolved business in a transaction.

D.C. Police have set a reward of up to $25,000 for anyone who offers information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the criminal.

The shooter is thought to be a resident of the area who was aware of the rapper’s whereabouts. The motive for the murder has yet to be determined. It’s thought that personal rivalry or jealously over the young rapper’s celebrity played a role.