Is Reggie Bullock Related To Sandra Bullock? Discover their relationship and find out whether the two celebs are actually cousins or not below!

Reggie Bullock is the small forward and shooting guard for Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

He is quite an experienced player in the field and is also known for his impressive gameplay.

Aside from his NBA tenure, Bullock is known for his activism in support of the LGBT community, given his family background.

Recently, he has amused and confused his fans with his recent tweet suggesting his family bond with the Oscar-winning actress, Sandra Bullock.

Reggie Bullock let his fans know that he and actress Sandra Bullock are first cousins in his recent tweet.

The tweet has gone viral as it has confused many instead of accepting the tweet.

Our close sources confirm that Reggie and Sandra are not first cousins nor do they share any family ties.

The two celebs are related from any field be it family ties or their professions.

It seems the NBA star player only aimed at pranking his followers as he and Sandra share the same last name.

On the other hand, some netizens have started discussions about the two bonafide personalities who may be working on the same project.

Meet Reggie Bullock Sister and Family

Reggie Bullock and his family faced harsh times in the span of seven years as his two sisters were murdered in Baltimore.

His sister, Mia Henderson, was murdered in Baltimore on July 16, 2014. Meanhwile, his other sister, Keiosha Moore was killed on October 29, 2019.

His sisters’ murders are related to trans-hate thus, Bullock has been a strong advocate for the LGBT community’s rights and safety.

Likewise, Bullock also has a son named Treyson and is a devoted father to him.

Reggie Bullock Net Worth Revealed

Reggie Bullock is estimated to hold his net worth in more than $12 million according to the close reports.

Given his active NBA career and the countless other opportunities from his basketball career, Bullock is a multi-millionaire.

However, he has yet to sit down and address his wealth and luxuries at the moment.