Is Reporter Jenna Lynch Pregnant In 2022? Baby Bump And Husband Details

Jenna Lynch, the Newshub Political Editor, is indeed pregnant. She shared the news with her fans on Instagram in November, with the caption “Baby on the Way.”

Her most recent Instagram photo was during her third trimester in February. She disclosed the child’s gender by using the word “dude” in the description.

She is married to Andrew Ketels. The pair frequently shares their lovely photos on social media. Andrew, on the other hand, prefers to live a low-key existence away from his wife’s celebrity and media attention.

Jenna and her husband Andrew had two gorgeous dogs before having a child.

Jenna Lynch Wikipedia: More Details On Her

Jenna Lynch, the stunning TV journalist, has kept her precise age and birth date private. According to her Instagram post, she seems to be between the ages of 30 and 35 and celebrates her birthday on September 9th.

Her name is currently not featured on Wikipedia’s official website. Her captivating work as the most-liked journalist, on the other hand, has been acknowledged by several media outlets.

She has a bachelor’s degree in accounting as well as a master’s degree in public relations. Then she came across the Media Arts degree and decided to pursue her ambition of becoming a journalist.

Her third-year internship at the Waikato Times earned her a Canon Media Award, and she was hired as a full-time reporter. Since then, her performance as a full-time reporter has been outstanding.