Generations: The Legacy’s newest villain Winston has kidnapped two women, Mia and Sphesihle. He is holding them hostage and Sphe is seen making her final phone call near the end of March. Let’s see if Sphe is leaving the Generations or not.

Doctor Sphe Moroka née Cele is played by Pearl Noxolo Monama on the television series Generations The Legacy. She is a Cele princess who is forced into an arranged marriage with Mazwi Moroka, the heir apparent to the Moroka Empire, in the television series Generations The Legacy.

Their marriage did not stand the test of time, and they divorced without filing for legal divorce, citing Mazwi’s inability to bear children. His younger brother, Smangaliso Moroka, and Sphe became the parents of a Moroka princess, Rorisang Moroka.


Is Sphe Leaving Generations?

It’s not decided if Sphe will be leaving Generations or not but in the episode,  Winston attempts to accuse Mazwi of Sphe’s kidnapping and Mazwi is on the run from the cops.

In the previous week’s episode, the search for Sphe continues, and Winston is up to his old tricks. When Sphe discovers that Winston is attempting to frame Mazwi, she warns him that he will not get away with it, but Winston believes that he will be successful.

Winston is doing an excellent job of carrying out his objectives. He has infiltrated Mazwi’s laptop and planted evidence that will lead to his arrest.

The police are on their way to arrest Mazwi, as shown in the episode. Mazwi is currently on the run as a result of this situation. Once Winston discovers that the walls are closing in on him, he is shown frantically attempting to run.

That dungeon is going to be Winston’s final resting place for Sphe.

March 2022 Teasers Has Fans Wondering Who Is Replacing Her

Yes, the teasers for Episode 94, which airs on March 31, 2022, have fans wondering who will be taking Sphes’ place. According to the teaser, Sphe receives a final phone call to say her goodbyes.

Winston was stabbed and on the ground when we last saw him, just as Sphe ran out of the dungeon entrance. This week, we see him come into the hospital, bloodied and bleeding from a stab wound once more.

Even worse, later in the video, Winston and Sphe are shown in an unfamiliar field, and Sphe appears to be surprised as Winston holds a flower above what appears to be a recently covered grave, according to the footage.

The next image we see is of Sphe’s feet dangling as if she were being hung from a tree.