It is said that Tjattas is leaving 7de Laan, but this information seems to be false. He is leaving the show, but no one with official power has said anything about it.

In 2018, Rikus got his start in South African movies by playing Matthew Cole, the main character in the short film The Defining Moment. In “The Fork in the Road,” he played Clay Blackwood, and in the short film Vision, he was the main character.

Since 2020 was a hard year for the performing arts as a whole, Rikus became a regular character in 7de Laan and became Tjattas, one of the regular cast members.

Is Tjattas Leaving 7de Laan?

In an episode that has already aired, Tjattas thinks about telling Amorey why he’s been so busy, but he doesn’t seem to be leaving 7de Laan.

The media aren’t saying anything about his leaving. From what he has seen of the show’s schedule, it looks like he might not be leaving.

An Afrikaans soap opera titled 7de Laan is produced in South Africa by Danie Odendaal Productions. The show is about what people in and around the Hillside suburb of 7de Laan do every day.

Most of what is said in the show is in Afrikaans, but there are also subtitles in English and Zulu. The opening pictures show the storefronts on Seventh Street in Melville, Johannesburg, as well as the street itself.

Actor Rikus Strauss Wikipedia And Age?

Rikus Strauss was born in Pretoria, South Africa. As of this writing, he is exactly 25 years old. He was born in 1996, and October 22 is his birthday.

People are very interested in his work, his net worth, how he looks, and his personal life because he is a well-known actor among other 25-year-old celebrities. He has been in movies and TV shows like Vergeet my Nie and The Defining Moment.

After he graduated from high school in 2015, he went to school at the Performing Arts Lifestyle Institute. During his time there, he was in a lot of plays and movies.

Rikus Strauss Net Worth 2022 -How Rich Is He?

News stories say that Ricky Strauss is worth a total of $18 million. Producer, Miscellaneous Crew is also what he does for a living. He is a South African actor who is best known for his roles in The Fork in the Road, Vergeet my Nie, and 7de Laan.

He doesn’t seem to be getting any attention from the media. Because he doesn’t talk about himself in the media, he seems to be cut off from it and very private.

He is very popular on Instagram, with 11.4K followers and 169 posts. Because of this, he might get a lot of brand endorsements, which could help him make more money.