The Athlete James Conner always have had the proper guidance from his parents, Kelly and Glen. Here’s the detailed report on his family. 

James is an American professional football player as a Running back. He is currently committed to Arizona Cardinals from the National Football League (NFL).

His recent dominance in the NFL match against the San Francisco 49ers has made him a star overnight. He is also credited for the 45-yard score his team was leading with.

Who Are James Conner Parents?

James Conner was raised by his parents, Gien Conner Sr., and Kelly Patterson. As per sources, Gien is his stepfather, and the name of his biological father isn’t known to this moment.

He also has a stepbrother, Rico, from his mother’s new marriage. Besides that, he has three blood-related brothers, Glen, Michael, and Richard. Moreover, James is the youngest brother amongst the five siblings.

James’ biological parents had a divorce in 1999 when he was just four years old. And reports reveal that his mother, Kelly, was 17 years old when she became a mother for the first time.

James Conner Belongs To Multi-Ethnicity And Race

James Conner is a descent of multi-ethnic background. One online source states that his mother is Caucasian, and his biological father was of African descent.

And since he was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, United States, he is of American nationality.

There is a funny Reddit discussion going on regarding his ethnicity. Several people are commenting that he must be half-god and half-human due to his overpowering performance on the field.

James Conner Is Stronger Than Ever After Beating Cancer

In 2015, he shared that he got diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma ( a type of cancer-related with blood). But while he was announcing his illness, he was confident that he would be back on the field. He quoted, “I will play football again.”

He did 12 chemotherapy and finally won the battle against cancer. His last chemotherapy was performed on May 9, 2016, and by 2017, he was already back playing in professional games.

In April 2016, he met Eric Berry on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he was also welcomed as a guest. As Eric had also survived Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he found Eric’s story an inspiration.

He officially announced on May 23 with a tweet that he was no longer a cancer patient and he was cancer-free.

James Conner Wikipedia Update

The official Wikipedia of James Conner has updated all of his career and personal achievements. According to his profile, his NFL career stats as of 2021 state, he has 626 rushing attempts and 2,6860 rushing yards.,