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  1. Who Is Fabian Francis? 

  2. Jason Horne Francis Relation To Fabian Francis

  3. Jason Horne Francis Family

Jason Horne Francis is an Australian rules footballer who plays for the Australian Football League (AFL). He is related to Fabian Francis, a former AFL player like his stepfather.

North Melbourne selected him as the first overall choice in the 2021 AFL draft. 

He represented Christie’s Beach Football Club in the Southern Football League and South Adelaide Football Club in the South Australian National Football League.

He is the stepson of former AFL player Fabian Francis.

Who Is Fabian Francis? 

Fabian Francis is a former rugby league and Australian rules football player. He is best known for his brief professional career with the Australian Football League’s Port Adelaide Football Club.

Francis played for the Litchfield Rugby League Club’s premiership team in 1992. He decided to concentrate on Australian rules football and began playing for the Northern Territory Football League’s Southern Districts club.

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In 1992, Francis came to Adelaide to play in the South Australian National Football League for Port Adelaide.

He was married to Debra Buckskin, a police officer, from 1999 to 2007. He was charged with domestic violence and many other offenses in a South Australian court in September 2009.

On January 26, 2012, Francis was found guilty and sentenced to 15 months in prison for the offenses.

He went on to marry Trish Gully and had a child with her. In 2021, Jason changed his name to Francis after his stepfather, Jason Horne-Francis.

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Jason Horne Francis Relation To Fabian Francis

Jason is related to Fabian Francis as his stepfather. Fabian married Trish Gully after his divorce from his previous wife, Debra. 

Fabian and Trish have a kid together. Jason was Trish’s child with her ex-husband. Born Jason Horne, he took the name of his stepfather in 2021, making him Jason Horne Francis. 

Fabian is a former AFL player and has been a big help in Jason’s present career. Fabian has a big hand in influencing Jason’s football career.

In an interview on Youtube with North Melbourne Football Club, Fabian mentioned how proud he is of Jason and what he has achieved so far.

Jason and Fabian have an ideal father-son age gap of thirty years. Jason was born in 2003, whereas Fabian was born in 1973.

Jason Horne Francis Family

Jason’s biological father’s identity is not known. We do know that his biological father owned a milk bottle factory. Horne-Francis dropped out of school in year 11 to work at his father’s milk bottle factory, the Fleurieu Milk Company.

He attributes his maturation as a person to this experience and his stepfather’s influence on his football career. 

Jason is extremely private about his personal life. Consequently, it’s unclear whether he has any siblings, though he does have a half-sibling from his stepfather and mother’s marriage.

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