Jazz Thornton just won the dance reality series Dancing With the Stars New Zealand. She is a mental health activist who attempted suicide 14 times in her teenage days. Here are details of her family background.

The 27-year-old has written three novels about her life’s experiences. Many people found her 2020 book Stop Surviving, Start Fighting to be highly encouraging. Her first book, My Journey Begins Here, was released in 2021, followed by Letters to You in 2022.

After being abandoned by her father as a youngster, the mental health campaigner was raised by her mother. In her childhood, she was sexually raped by two men. Let’s learn more about the DWTS New Zealand winner’s life.

Was Jazz Thornton Raised By A Single Mother?

After her father abandoned the family, Jazz Thornton was reared by her single mother. Following the tragedy, her life altered radically, going from attempting suicide 14 times as a youngster to winning Dancing With The Superstars New Zealand in 2022.

The mental health advocate recalls her childhood, when she lived with her mother, who reared her alone. Mrs. Thornton, a choir singer, heroically made the decision to raise her daughter on her own after being abandoned by her husband, and she succeeded, despite a few snags along the way.

Bullies labeling Jazz as fatherless as a child caused a major trauma in her life, according to Jazz. She was depressed, and the only person she could talk to was her mother. When she attempted suicide, her mother was watching TV and took her to the emergency room, saving her life.

Why Did Jazz Thornton Father Abandon Her Family?

When Jazz Thornton was a child, her father abandoned her and her mother. According to Jazz, this was one of the main causes of her suicidal ideation.

There isn’t much information on Jazz’s father’s whereabouts. Her father was a minister, according to internet sources. Due to discontent and disputes in his married life, he most likely left his wife and daughter.

One thing is certain: he must be remorseful for abandoning his wife and daughter, who went on to become one of New Zealand’s most powerful persons. She went on to win the Young New Zealander of the Year award in 2021 and became a global superstar.

Jazz Thornton On Dancing With The Stars

Jazz Thornton, a suicidal adolescent, never expected to compete in a dance competition on national television. The once-suicidal teenager went on to win Dancing with the Stars New Zealand after overcoming her personal issues and feeling positive about herself.

Jazz has influenced millions of young people all around the world. She was able to turn her life around, writing three books and directing films, as well as co-founding the suicidal prevention organization Voices of Hope with eating disorder activist Genevieve Mora.

On Tiktok, the DWTS New Zealand winner has 1.8 million followers and 96 million likes. Her Instagram account, @jazzthornton, has 273K followers.

The 27-year-old was partnered with professional dancer Brad Coleman and was named the competition’s champion on May 29, 2022.