Jamie Faith, an American Airlines executive, was shot and killed outside his Dallas, Texas, house as he and his wife, Jennifer, took their dog on a daily walk.

Federal authorities say a North Texas woman has confessed guilty to arranging her husband Jamie Faith’s murder after openly appealing for aid in identifying his murderer.

Jennifer Faith, a 49-year-old Oak Cliff woman, claimed she was enjoying a full-fledged ongoing relationship with her high school boyfriend, as per charge papers.

Investigators believe he traveled from Tennessee to Dallas to murder her husband when they were out strolling their dog on their 15th-anniversary celebration.

Where Is Jennifer Faith Now? CBS 48 Hours Explores The Murder Case

Jennifer Faith is currently being investigated by Dallas police officers for murder. The killing of her husband Jamie, who was murdered in broad daylight on October 9, 2020, is covered by CBS 48hours.

As per a CBS press release, the public gathered around Jennifer following the tragic and terrible murder, contributing more than $60,000 to a GoFundMe bank to help her and her baby make up for Jamie’s lost revenue.

Jennifer Lynne Faith, an Oak Cliff native, pled guilty on Monday to plan the killing, according to US Attorney Chad E. Meacham for the Northern District of Texas.

A Grand jury indicted her for tampering with evidence in February 2021. They added a penalty of using a commerce clause in the conduct of murder-for-hire in September 2021, which includes a potential death penalty.

Authorities didn’t take long to figure out that Jennifer had been in continuous communication with Darrin Lopez, a high school lover with whom she’d started an ongoing affair. She texted him 14,000 times, as per call logs.

On October 9, Lopez went from Tennessee to Dallas, where he reportedly waited for the couple to leave to stroll their dog. He left in a black sport utility vehicle after shooting Faith seven times.

Jennifer Faith Pleads Guilty In Trial For Husband Jamie Faith Murder Plot

On Monday morning, she admitted guilt to the allegation of contract killing in front of U.S. District Judge Jane J. Boyle. The court will make the final decision on punishment.

As per the source, authorities agreed to remove the interference allegation and propose a life sentence in exchange for her confession.

Learn About Jennifer Faith Sentence: Is She In Jail?

Jennifer Faith is facing a life sentence after authorities claim her murder conspiracy.

Faith, a 49-year-old certified speech therapist, and former hospital manager went on the local news to emotionally plead with the people to come forth with information that could lead to the murderer’s capture.

But the shooter, Darrin Ruben Lopez, was someone she already recognized. He is 49 years old, and a disabled Iraq War veteran.

FBI investigators honed in on Lopez as the murder plot collapsed and everything was shown to them by the murderer.