What Happened To Jimmy Bell? How Did He Died?

Jimmy Bell went away at the age of 56. The cause of Jimmy’s death appears to be natural rather than murderous, as there is no rumor of anyone being detained in connection with his death.

Jimmy’s family members and close friends have yet to uncover the specific cause of his death. According to a statement issued by the Rangers: “Rangers Football Club is saddened to announce the loss of Jimmy Bell, our much-loved and iconic kit man.”

“Jimmy, who has been a friend and confidant to several generations of Rangers players and staff, will be sorely missed by everyone at the club.”

Jimmy has been present for great periods like the nine-in-a-row era, and the UEFA Cup Final run, but he has also seen the sad days of the administration, division three, and current struggles to compete with Celtic.

Jimmy Bell Was 56 Years Old

Jimmy Bell died at the age of 56, having been born in the years 1965/1966. Former Liverpool kid Firth says he’s the club’s biggest icon, despite the fact that his first encounter with Bell didn’t go quite as planned.

That didn’t last long, and when the goalie signed a new contract with the Rangers, a photo of Firth beaming beside Jimmy was released – a moment the 23-year-old has described as one of his highlights.

Firth talks about Jimmy as well as his heroes at Liverpool growing up, Steven Gerrard’s impact, his experience in the English non-leagues, and what it’s like to learn from Allan McGregor on a daily basis in a wide-ranging interview with Rangers fan blog FourLadsHadaDream.

Jimmy Bell Net Worth: How Rich Was He?

Jimmy Bell’s net worth was considered to be large. Jimmy used to make the most of his money as a kitman for ELEVEN Rangers managers.

Jimmy began his career as a bus driver with the Rangers before moving on to his present position as First Team Head of Kit.

“As a club, we are profoundly heartbroken to learn of the passing of our colleague and, more significantly, our close friend, Jimmy Bell,” Rangers chairman Douglas Park said.