Joana Rodriguez was left to die with handcuffed and taped on her mouth in the car trunk. Let’s find out more about Joana Rodriguez’s murder and her death cause via this article. 

Joana Rodriguez was a mother of a four-days newborn baby who got killed after Joana got kidnapped with her baby from her apartment in Houston, Texas. In particular, Joana was at her home with her baby on May 16, 2001, when three men entered her house to kidnap her.

Gerald Anderson, Carlos, and Chris Robinson abducted her and kept her in the trunk of a car as they handcuffed her and taped her mouth, covering her head with a plastic bag. These three men were found guilty in court and got lengthy imprisonment in jail.

Joana Rodriguez Murder & Death Cause-What Happened to Joana Rodriguez?

On the other hand, her baby Ray was found alive in another car, also linked to her neighbor Linda Carty. However, Ray has not given any statement about the murder in the media at the current date.

Joana Rodriguez: Where Is Linda Carty Today?

Joana Rodriguez got kidnapped with her four-day baby, Ray, and shut in the car trunk. She got murdered as her death cause was suffocation, where the kidnapper locked her handcuffed with a plastic bag on her head. In particular, the car used in the murder belonged to her neighbor Linda Carty.

Joana Rodriguez’s dead body got found in Linda Carty’s car. Carty is a British citizen who reportedly wanted to get Joana’s baby as she had miscarriages before. Further, Linda Carty is a former elementary school teacher and a drug informant.

In particular, she was found guilty of Joana’s murder and got sentenced to death, where she has been waiting for death-sentenced by lethal injection in the jail for twenty years.

Explored Joana Rodriguez Age

Joana Rodriguez was just 25 years old at the time of her death. She had just given birth to her beautiful baby. In particular, she had celebrated the birth party of her baby just a day before she died.

Her husband Raymundo and her family were left with deep pain, although her murders got punished. Baby boy Ray has reached the age of 20 at the current date.