John Matthew Ryan is a celebrity kid. He is just a 2 years old baby boy as of 2020.

Name John Matthew Ryan
Birthday 2018
Age 2
Gender Male
Nationality American
Parents Sarah Marshall and Matt Ryan
Siblings Marshall Thomas Ryan

The kids of celebrities automatically become a part of the limelight their parents have. The same is the case with John Matthew Ryan.

He is just a child currently but people watch his every move. They want to know which school he will be studying at. Has he started speaking? Has he begun walking? and many more.

People love their idols and closely glare their personal life as well. Likewise, Matt’s fans want to know each and every detail about his children.


Talking about Matt, he is a skilled American footballer. And, he married his beautiful wife Sarah Marshall in 2011. They gave birth to twins in 2018.

And, we have brought you some facts about one of his children.

10 Facts On John Matthew Ryan

  1. John Matthew Ryan is known as the son of American footballer Matt Ryan.
  2. He isn’t of much age. At present, he is 2 years old. And, he was born in the year 2018.
  3. Since his birth, he has grabbed the attention and the public eye. However, this doesn’t mean he is as much famous to have a profile on Wikipedia.
  4. He is lucky to have Matt Ryan and Sarah Marshall as his parents. His father is a football sensation.
  5. Most importantly, he has a twin brother. And, his name is Marshall Thomas Ryan.
  6. He is just a 2 years old kid for now. So, it’s better not to invade his privacy and let him enjoy his childhood. So, his photos aren’t much available on the internet.
  7. John’s height isn’t available on the internet.
  8. For now, he lacks an Instagram page of his own. Maybe he will have one once he grows up.
  9. He is being raised in Falmouth, Maine.
  10. Details about his educational plans are not on board.