Kelly Khumalo has been named a prime suspect to be charged in her boyfriend’s 2013 murder.

The South African artist excels at acting, singing, songwriting, and influencing the public.

However, dark days have started to crawl up Kelly’s life as her name cannot escape the suspect list of Senzo Meyiwa’s murder on October 26, 2014.

Senzo was the captain of the South African football team and Kelly’s boyfriend. His murder incident initially called for a botched house robbery until today’s trial, where the court has named Kelly and her several family members to be charged.


Is Kelly Khumalo Jailed? Why Was She Arrested?

Kelly Khumalo has not been jailed yet while her arrest status remains under the wraps.

In today’s trial, the second docket named Kelly, Longwe Twala, Gladness Khumalo, Zandi Khumalo, Tumelo Madlala, Mthokozisi Thwala, and Maggy Phiri as suspects in Senzo’s 2014 murder.

The seven individuals are to be charged with Sezo’s murder and defeating the ends of justice.


Further updates on the TV star’s arrest and jail sentence are to hit the public domain. Meanwhile, Kelly’s defense lawyers will fight again in the court.

Likewise, the murder case’s trial updates have become an international sensation given Senzo’s influence in football worldwide.

Times Live confirms that the five men who had been charged with Senzo’s murder have pleaded not guilty to killing Senzo.

As the second docket has confirmed Kelly and others’ involvement, a long legal battle awaits South Africa and the bereaved Meyiwa family.

If found guilty, the renowned actress will surely face arrest and be sentenced to many years in jail.

Kelly Khumalo On Senzo Meyiwa Murder Trial

Kelly Khumalo is an integral part of the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial as the incident happened in her presence at her family’s house in Vosloorus.

It is alleged that the killer is known to Khumalo and everyone present at the shooting. Moreover,  Eye Witness News reports that an eyewitness told the court that Kelly was the one who shot Senzo by mistake.

Likewise, the most common theory is that Kelly and her family have remained silent on naming Seznzo’s killer despite knowing the perpetrator.

The entire nation has gone into a frenzy as the court case has lingered long while the truth is not in the light.

Meanwhile, Kelly and her sister Zandie’s decision of signing an R22 million deal with Netflix to produce a docu-series about their version of the murder has garnered criticism.

Kelly has also come under fire for promoting her musical works despite being embroiled in the murder controversy this year.

Kelly Khumalo Side On The Murder Case By Lawyer Magdalene Moonsamy

Kelly Khumalo is defended by lawyer Magdalene Moonsamy. While Kelly has maintained her silence about the case, it is her lawyer who has been sharing her side of the story in public.

Moonsamy has confirmed that she will be looking closely into the second docket’s decision today.

The admitted attorney fights in the High Court Magdalene and is the leader of Moonsamy Attorneys. Aside from that, she is also the founder of the Women’s Justice Foundation.

It is likely that these two women share a good rapport as SABC News has shared Kelly’s address to the public through Moonsamy.