Kennedy Littledike Accident Update: Where Is She Today? Brave Girl Survives Powerline Hanging: One name Kenedy Littledike is making rounds all over the web. Littledike and her pals got into an accident on 22nd May 2021. They were watching the sunset at the base of the D at the mountain. They were driving down the street, and they concluded up in a terrible accident. Kennedy and 2 of her pals were thrown from the car and thrown into a field. She got thrown 30 ft feet up onto the power lines and was hanging on by her leg. She only recalls bits and pieces from the night. Keep on reading. Follow More Update On

Kennedy Littledike Accident Update

Kennedy Littledike was in a medical coma for at least 5 days after the accident. She was behind the wheel when she overcorrected and hit the power pole. The car rolled several times, and the car was far out in the field. In this terrible action, she lost her leg, and the doctors worked to stabilize her, and she was at the University of Utah Hospital for around a month.

She did her rehab at the Primary Children’s Hospital, where she had to learn how to do everything for herself again, according to Amputee. Littledike was just 17 years old when she got into the accident, and she is from Burley, Idaho. She was a pupil at Declo High School, where she played soccer. She completed her graduation from his school last spring, and she planned to go to either BYU Idaho or Utah State.

A GoFundMe page was organized to aid with her recovery, expenses, medical bills, and college. It has not been easy to keep a positive attitude, but her friends and family have always come forward to take out her through the darkest of times.

Where Is Kennedy Littledike Today?

Kennedy Littledike defied all the odds, and she is walking again with the aid of a prosthetic leg. Her recovery has been tough and long, but she is getting there and doing all the things she loves. Today she is receiving treatment at Shriners Children’s Salt Lake City. She got to attempt 2 microprocessor knees and select to go with the first one.

Littledike was in intensive physical therapy and is now dancing and running too. The brave girl survived the powerline hanging and is now sharing her inspiring voyage on social media.

The Injuries Of Kennedy Littledike Disclosed

Kennedy Littledike was taken to the hospital with broken bones, serious leg and arm wounds. The doctors had to cut off her leg, and her parents were informed she might never walk again, according to KTVB 7. The accident hit her hard but after her sister began an Instagram account for her, she got many DMs and comments which inspired her.

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